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  1. personally, I dont like mesh cos difficult to clean, much easier to wipe a flat surface right? During key collection, you will be given a defect form and you are supposed to fill up any defect and submit to the BCA at your estate within 7 days. But they will still help if you spot more issues later. BCA will be at the estate for the 1st year. Most importantly, the defects must be submitted and rectified before renovation. If not BCA may not rectify it cos the defect may be created during reno.
  2. I do nothing, Didn't even pick a day. LOL! but that is just me. you got the new layout with additional room! Since you are not using that room as a room, do you want to consider hacking the wall and make your bedroom bigger and more spacious? In the kitchen, in between the island and window, suggest you extend cabinet or low shelve there cos it is useful to have counter top space, make sure there is electricity supply too. Personally, I don't like the bed headboard right beside the window. I would arrange the bed in the other direction. head of the left and foot on the right. Also troublesome to open close windows. my 2 cents.
  3. I always like the idea of using curtain to create a space or contain the aircon but my friends dont buy the idea. How much does it cost you on carpentry for the table in the living room? What is the horizontal wooden plank below it for? You have the same hob as me. from LBS I believe
  4. in future if you change fridge, you will be limited by the space available, ie. cannot change to a bigger size fridge. LBS! Same same! Can't wait to see living and bed room! 🍻
  5. Congrats! Nice! I like the wood + white combination. just like mine :x lol! I am ready for another trip to the northeast ; )
  6. nice! wait for your pic! Make sure that it is long lasting.
  7. cabinet or shelves with pull out dining table a great idea
  8. interesting layout. 1) sliding door can be removed and the partition for the sliding door can be removed too but not at pillar nearer to the window side 2) one good thing about the H/h shelter is it block view from main door if you are sitting at the sofa area. You can install mirror, shelving cabinets Headache part is the living room area in between the living room wall and h/h shelter wall, think that side probably only have about 1.6m width, just putting a dining table is quite wasteful. you might like to do some shelving or cabinet there. And bathroom a headache if you want to split wet and dry areas.
  9. I did not. I finished reno and still have leftover so gave out. But good idea to keep spare just in case.
  10. if you have a facebook group on your bto, no harm to ask there. I gave away unwanted tiles freely to my neighbours. If not, you can buy from BSC.
  11. My previous reply was hidden since 29 Mar. this type?
  12. I think stop. Reno is not classified as essential. Even construction site also stop.
  13. the rack can only go up and down. not useful for me so I have removed too.
  14. https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
  15. Love your unblock view, sea view and wind at the kitchen area! Really, can consider my suggestion on curtain to replace door. Can't wait to see your house after reno!
  16. ah boi guai lor! kitchen - should do more drawers then casement door. drawers are convenient but may cost more. can alternate wood white wood white for doors, not necessary have to do upper all white bottom all wood. Bedroom - again, drawers are useful if you have folded clothing.
  17. ah boi ah, my 2 cents of thoughts: dun need to choose too many different shades for carpentry laminates. our house is not that big anyway so even if you choose same laminates for kitchen and bathroom and living room and bedroom you will look consistent but not boring cos you are doing wood + white which is 2 colour already. If given another chance I would choose same laminates for my kitchen too although it is not obvious for me.
  18. Yes, the sample layout is important as it gives you an idea the positioning. Yes the screws are long and partially screwed into the ceiling. I removed my rack and contractor had to cut away the protruding part of the screw and then patch up to smoothen the ceiling surface. I just heard one 2 roomer selling his rack at $100+.
  19. OMG! so sad to see you had a bad contractor. Still Nick or new one that you engaged? Luckily you had so many good sub con helping you. Hope you can enjoy your peaceful home now.