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  1. Thanks mmoh..noted..i have actually join the woodlands glenn FB page.. the info there is very up to date. better than HDB website actually.
  2. Hi 2 Roomer! yes, i'm waiting for the letter, should be this yr end or next yr Jan. so far only a few contractor get back to me.. most contractor don't wanna do small project. Most of the work is focus in the kitchen & room. dinning area not gonna do much as i wanna keep it spacious. my flat is not a corner unit.. my Q number too far behind and not much to choose from.
  3. Thank you so much for your enlighten me. Yes, the platform will reach about 1700, table not a wide one and i shall not do L shape instead & just a normal 5 ft wardrobe with sliding door. think i can have a little walk space..
  4. something like this but without the top shelve. just platform with the table. (wood color) what do you think?
  5. This is what i have in mind for my room. Platform bed with table (no top shelving). hope my room is big enough for a Q size bed, i will also build a L shape wardrobe if possible.
  6. Hi mmoh!! so nice to hear from your!! thank you for keeping up this page! learn a lot just by reading here. i don't really know how big is my future kitchen (i hope it's big enough for me cos i wanna cook). below is a photo look like my kitchen
  7. Hello fellow 2-roomers!! i'm new here..gonna live in Woodland Glenn once it's complete (sign on April 2014). Now i'm just waiting for my key collection. should be soon i hope. Thank you all for sharing all the info here. Thanks to the post starter!! attach is my floor plan: