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  1. As many had PMed me asking bout my contractor's contacts and i seldom log in here as such if i missed your reply , you all can email me at weiliangw81@gmail.com for faster respond cos Sharing is caring. Belows are my sharing of my bathroom photo as requested . Jus a humble and simple bathroom.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Had being absent due to busy work schedule and moving in ordeal. During this CB period finally can catch up with all my previous blog and sharing substances. Hope that can spread some heart warming essence during this gloomy period. The photos are the longing promised Victorian country style walk-in wardrobes that made my wife happy. TIme flew, and had being more than a year since I moved in and proud to say my love nest had been as sweet as ever. Kudos to my contractor with great confidence again for making our love nest came true. Will be sharing our sweet and elegant bedroom in my next post.. Look forward to it..
  3. My beautiful country style kitchen .. Its so thrill and chill to embark to our new homie . A real sense of belonging. Its another chapter of our life and great to share our joy with you guys reading. Stay tune for our victorian style walk-in wardrobe in my next post.
  4. My other side of storage with full mirror for my wifey before going out . Got lots of things to hide so gonna need lots of storages ..
  5. My dream Craftstone feature wall and country styled TV console . Special way to hide my TV and Marshall speaker wires .. Vola ..
  6. My humble kitchen stripped off of all the cabinets due for total hacking before the full makeover to my desired country style kitchen as my overall theme for the house was modern country style with some elegance. Thanks to my direct contractor for his input as prior to his previous experience as an id . Haha aka i saved on the id consultation
  7. As promised earlier for the photos, my reno journey starts with some crunchie hacking works . **** lots of hacking works as my previous owner was a fan of solid wood flooring .
  8. Our endeavour started 2 year back when we decided to tie the knot. As a typical savvy(kiassus) Singaporean ;p i can say most of us when started to survey for contractors the only criteria in our mind was to get a cheap and good one perhaps hoping to buy a Benz at a Toyota price but dream on.. The search continued for months. It was when after the quotation gathered, we realised that it seemed impossible to have our dream house within the budget we catered as all quotation gathered was above 10k-20k of our initial budget . So the argument begins whether to cancel my dream craftstone TV wall or to cancel her accessories display shelf? Fainting spell.. Then.. Praise The Lord.. Yes our prayers answered , we came across this contractor recommendation thread in Renotalk. We asked for PM and met this Guy and boom! Our dream surfaced. He was from a HDB licensed direct fabricator firm which means they have their own carpenters , plumbers and electricians. And so explained , they wont be as calculative over the charges due to sublet or coordinating factor which we truely appreciated as per regards about the standard industry mark up.. Initially ,to be frank i wasn't that confident that they can deliver the standard that we projected initially cos at times thinking back , it was too good to be true but guess what , it's really either fated or Singapore was too small a city . We bang into my ex colleague from AIA when he brought us to view his ongoing project at Sengkang. They were the owners . Working review positive and confidence grew. Their workmanship was overall acceptable and detailed. After all cos its all handicraft so we didnt asked for perfection, but they did every rectifications to every parts that we pointed out to our satisfication. Appreciated his service to make our dream house came true within our expected budget , 2 thumbs ups for their hardwork and keep it up.. Will upload and share the before/after photo of our beautiful love nest in my next post . Look forward to it . Cheers. Signing Off, Weiliang (Proud Home Owner)