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  1. is your BTO at jurong west? good luck with getting the defects resolved!
  2. Hi PTopaz, it's true - the veneer table top is not the hardiest. I've already gotten a few shallow scratches on it that are visible if you look closely. Otherwise so far so good, it's easy to wipe after meals, doesn't leave watermarks, and the texture of the veneer helps to hide those minor scratches. I use pot coasters when placing hot dishes on the table. I guess it does need some care and maintenance!
  3. Hi, my itemized quote was $650 for the frame Hi, for the Philips downlights, the connector (driver?) and light came together as one piece. All my lights are working well so far! I use the cheapo brandless tracklights in the living room the most often and so far so good. The other Philips lights I bought (downlights, kitchen, bathroom lights etc) have no issues too. But then again, I've only moved in for about 4 months.. Hi, I think they work fine. The ones I got are not blackout though, so there is some light leak. I try to wake up early so it's not a big issue for me though. I made a couple of home modifications because the metal bar at the bottom of the blinds will constantly bounce against the wall/window frame if there is wind. Same for the pull cord! It was quite noisy so I added 2 small pieces of sponge at the back of the blinds' metal bar to dampen the sound. Works great If I were to repurchase I would buy the blinds in a slightly wider width to cover more of the wall beside the windows to reduce light leak. Maintenance is easy - we just dust them using a microfibre duster (bought from daiso) once a month or so haven't had the need to wipe them yet. The kitchen bi-fold door costed me $900. pricey but it's solid wood. feels super solid and heavy, but the sliding mechanism my contractor provided is really smooth so no problems opening and closing for me. also, the colour varies from door to door, which my contractor kept warning me about, because it's a natural finish. I almost painted the door white but i'm glad i didn't!
  4. your living room 3D is very nice! for the frame maybe you can decide based on what your other furniture colour will be? not sure if you'll be having a darker or lighter sofa/dining table/chairs/light fixtures etc. black pops more and is easier to maintain. white will turn a bit yellow over time (but same case for white walls haha. repaint when that happens...). i vote for white cos i agree with you that it's more scandinavian and less industrial
  5. aww thanks haha. yup, you're right, i went for it since it's a platform and the extra length didn't really matter. i feel that ikea's solid wood bed frames are all pretty good deals! good luck with your bed shopping! your house has a really interesting layout. looking forward to see how your reno goes
  6. singapore's mattresses are only about 191cm long, instead of 200cm i bought a bedframe from ikea for my queen size mattress too, and the frame (length 202cm) is about 10cm longer than my mattress. hope this helps!
  7. nice cushions!! didn't know about society 6 when shopping for my own... boo. i bought from fortytwo.sg instead. they have similar designs for pretty low prices if you're thinking of adding more to your collection
  8. hi they cost me about $50 each for labour. i didn't purchase the tiles - they are spare hdb floor tiles given to each flat.
  9. hi i got my bed and headboard from ikea http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom/series/12264/
  10. hi, i did not overlay my toilet tiles. these are existing HDB tiles. sorry i can't help!
  11. Hahah i did the same thing! Only got the santoku knife though. it's really good!!
  12. Hi, I spent around $28k on renovation works. I didn't use an ID though; I hired a contractor instead. I won't be sharing the breakdown to be fair as each renovation is different. It's best if you get personalised quotes for comparison contact details: contractor: Kevin Tee aka Mr K (H2O Interior Renovation, 9022 2321)
  13. yea, the whole thing is 4 feet. the ~18cm difference is covered by the wall (it's concave at the dining table area) and because the legs of the dining table angle inwards so it looks shorter than it really is