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  1. hello neighbour!! seems lyk u lyk blue too! did u read xiaxue's blog? she hv some beach theme reno too~ hope to c ur final product soon~ all the best!
  2. Hehe no worries, still many opportunities ahead! Anyway I sign up for starhub package cos of the cabletv
  3. ur hse is very nicely done up! hahah n u buy sooooo many things from taobao leh ... haha cant wait for sept to arrive for visit soon hehehehe
  4. Hehe... Sure! U can pm me the details .. Looking forward
  5. Congrats nbr! Very nicely done!!~~ ur reno is very smoothly done even in ur absence, which is very good. Muz giv credit to ur id n mom hehehe now I'm waiting for ur house tour invites
  6. i'm looking forward too! v clean looking kitchen u hv there!
  7. I buy from lion city co ... But sorry I forgot the price & can't find the receipt at the moment ... Haha will update u after I dig out my receipt ... If I rem correctly is ~$500
  8. hi linsullen~~ apart from the chicken, i've tried baking molten lava cake and its very successful did cookies at my friend's house ... who uses kuche as well .... n is fine too ... haven't try it myself though ... haha not very sure about the heat spreading evenly or not ... but the oven have different heat function to choose for different cooking purposes, so i think its quite ok ... cleaning wise is minimal because usually i will put aluminium foil or parchment paper when i use the oven so no hard scrubbing for me ...
  9. thnx kstoh~~ very detailed explanantion ... will try and hope it works
  10. ok .... i found this at the starhub troubleshooting website: 5. What is a Home Gateway (HG) and what benefits does a Wireless HG give? The Wireless Home Gateway is an all-in-one device that supports data, voice and wireless home networking, which saves you from having to deal with messy cables or buying multiple devices. It comes with parental control features so that you can block access to specific undesirable websites, a firewall that protects you from hackers and automatic software upgrades. More importantly, it enables a certain level of QoS for your DVH service so as to ensure the quality of the calls, and also enables future services to be added later. Only one port is activated with a Next Gen NBN access plan. The rest of the ports are not activated. If you want to share the Internet connection with multiple devices, you can connect a wireless RG to the ONT and use it as a wireless router. 6. Why can't I use the rest of the ports on the ONT? Only one port is activated with a MaxInfinity access plan. The rest of the ports are not activated. If you want to share the Internet connection with multiple devices, you can connect a wireless HG to the ONT and use it as a wireless router. this is my current setup at home ...anyway i'm using these default devices provided by starhub. now i know that ONT port2 is useless ... isit possible to activate port2? ... will there be disadvantages to it? so hmmm what should I do now to connect that new lan point in the DB box? i don need my wireless router to be inside the DB box. i wan the router to be at the tv console area (currently where I am putting) and a new additional router to be at game room (newly converted tel -> lan pt). what wireless router do u all recommend to put inside my game room? thanks alot!!
  11. I have this qn to ask, and hope some expert n help me with this ... Thnx in advance!!~ I am using starhub fibre broadband. Currently my game room tel pt is converted to a lan pt ... Planning for additional router there to improve the wireless. But currently we r not using it yet. So inside my DB box the optical fibre TP is connected to the ONT port1 and then Cat6 cable out from ONT to the default lan pt provided by hdb which terminates at the tv console. The lan pt at the tv console then has a Cat6 cable connected to a wireless router. I then have devices like soundbar, android box etc connected to the router .... Now back to the DB box. For testing, I then try to connect the new lan pt to the ONT port2. Then when I connect the laptop directly to the terminated lan pt in game room, I can't receive any signal. Qn 1) do I need to lan pt -> router-> laptop instead of lan pt -> laptop to receive signal?? So another scenario. Becos starhub is being unstable we call in to troubleshoot. As usual they ask u to do alot of things, on/off this n tt, plug in/out this n tt ... So they ask us to connect our laptop directly to the lan pt at tv console and we actually receive signal even when we bypass the router ... Starhub mention our ONT can serve as router or sth I'm not sure cos hub is the one on the phone ... Qn 2) if I can connect directly to lan pt at the tv console area y I can't connect directly at the game room? Isit the lan pt conversion nv do properly?? Hope someone can help me thnx!!
  12. Hahaha cos reno is not u doing ma ... The cleaning n unpacking is u doing it ... So extra tough! Lol mine is a complicated situation ... Hub alr moved in officially after our official move in date, but I still normally stay at parents' home becos we only rom n haven't go tru the traditional wedding ceremony yet ... Hahaa now I stay over the house during weekends like going staycation like that :X .... Becos of tt we didn't use a mover and I'm bringing my stuff over bit by bit ...
  13. I think cellini offers quite a good range of furniture so u can go check out., especially the loyang main outlet. Alfredt is right ... The deals are pretty attractive n I oso bought my sofa during one of their sales they oso will collaborate with other brands once awhile (like Toshiba) to have a showroom sales ... They always post their promo on Facebook so u can check b4 u visit ... Enjoy shopping ~~~
  14. Hahaha indeed. Till now I haven 100% shift all my things over n I alr find packing/unpacking every wkend very tiring .. Jiayou!
  15. Hi~~ Bought this sofa at cellini loyang main branch outlet