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  1. Variable you can discuss with your contractor on what can be achieved after he surveys the condition of your floor and whether you have a concrete plinth
  2. I'm still using my google wifi mesh, added two more recently... happy with what they offer. Will use it until they give up the ghost. I have one at each landing, plus another in my den and one out front to cover the porch / camera ..
  3. Changing to a bigger light with a larger diameter is probably the cheapest option
  4. If you’re simply asking for a cover, try Amazon or Lazada bought mine from the former
  5. I’m using a basic Google mesh with wired back haul, and it’s been fine.. in case you want something simple… but mount them higher if possible… I use one per floor, located near the stair landing
  6. This is interesting if anyone wishes to know how much maintenance costs... https://www.tiktok.com/@wilsonbenildusteh/video/7188297188584295682?_r=1&_t=8Z0yhsOkybB
  7. Looks great if you can work it into your decor it will serve you well for many more years save money
  8. Its outside, cheers (I think this is the only non spam / ad thread in the past week...)
  9. It's not that illogical - with time the seals will deteriorate and water seeps in.. the lamps are in a casing and the water doesn't cover the entire lamp. Also it's a 12V system, so you won't get zapped to death.. However, with time those lamps will need replacement, the plastic and the mounts deteriorate in the chlorine... not cheap, but that's all part of the wear and tear running costs of a pool.. That's the old transformer, and the new one: Changed the bulbs too:
  10. So recently the lights went out on my pool, I thought it might be the timer, but it turns out that the transformer was kaput.. and one of the bulbs was gone too.. The cables inside the pool had also deteriorated due to the chlorine.. So I had to fix all that, plus change the cover on my DB (which broke) and the bill came up to almost $800... So these are some of the ongoing costs... along with regular maintenance, and chlorine bills... The pool guy suggests using the lights for an hour or more a night to keep the moisture out..
  11. He tested - they are working so maybe as you said - one bulb will find time to get pool guy
  12. So I got an electrician to come by - great guy in case anyone needs one Not the timer or switch sadly, it’s either the cabling within my pool or the lights… might need the pool guy. Will see how since everything else works … sigh
  13. Thanks 🙏 any electrical store that you can recommend which may sell these items? the DB cover has also broken but can the front of the box be replaced with one of another brand ? I looked - the brand is Marvelin 09.08 and I’m not sure where to source the components….
  14. Need some help: my pool light stopped working - all other circuits are fine, it's on a timer, but even if I turn of the timer, it doesn't work. Everything else on the same circuit are fine So can it be a timer issue or is it the lamps, but can all the lamps fail at the same time? Is there any internal fuse inside the timer - so is it easy to change that module? Or is it the MT 120A module? Thanks very much It's the one labelled L
  15. You'll need to share more on your budget, number of family members, intended stay etc etc Eg, someone intending to flip should not do too much. Renovations don't add as much value as the owner may perceive.. But if it's your forever home, then a rebuild will make more sense, especially if there are many inhabitants. Talk it through with your spouse, your wallet and then your head... good luck
  16. That’s the optical cable you can get your electric or open net guy to plug in a longer run to your router.
  17. It’s easier to leave the OTP where it is then do as he said and run a Lan cable to where your router will be sited.
  18. You can ask the people you bought the speakers from, otherwise most contractors can do it if you tell them where to place the items. Use a signal strength app to guide you. Dedicated installers will cost $$.
  19. for neatness, all my cables are nicely hidden inside the storeroom, along with my DB.. The router needs to be outside for better reception.. https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/01/setting-up-mesh-network-in-your-home.html
  20. My mini server room is my storeroom under my stairs. I use a fanless 24 point unmanned switch from d link. I locate my router outside and loop it back to the switch from the OTP which is in the storeroom.
  21. Had another trip - but I found that it was because the koi pond cable was worn down. When my LEW came, he said the SPD last a few years, he has not been asked to replace them yet, so fingers crossed.. I've not been able to find a Type 1 locally, but hopefully it lasts a few years then I'll ask the LEW to help then. Thanks I'm a firm believer of good quality electricity, and it does help the sound more than conditioners and fancy cables I feel. Plus it has the added benefit of keeping the house safe.
  22. I’m using solar right now but I prefer some garden lights since it’s a 14m driveway and a nice row of warm lights adds a nice touch .. I have powered gate lights and another at my main post but I had to rely on solar for the middle sections.. poor planning on my part
  23. Yep 👍 a spare line is so important I ran most of my Electricals in a trunking in my floor forgot to add a point to light up the side of my garden sigh ..