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  1. Hallo,

    My hubby wanted an oven with rotisserie function and I'm considering brandt FC642XF1 oven which is within my budget and having all basic function i need. But the sales person told me this oven need to do changing of it's catalytic liner every 1 to 2 yrs and it cost about $150. He then recommend borsch HBN430551J oven. this one have ecoclean function dun need to chg liner but without rotisserie function... :( .. i'm not sure which one is better.

    is it true that nowadays oven with fan there's no need for rotisserie function to cook chicken???


    I have the same oven for 2 yrs and i have not change the catalytic panels yet. But of course i didn't cook things that are too oily in there. Just cakes, cookies, and some meat grilling occasionally.

    Have you check with brandt office how much they selling the panels? It is definitely cheaper than the shops that sell them.

    I didn't use my rotisserie function as it goes really messy. I just bake the chicken and turn it to brown more evenly.

  2. So you bought Brandt? from where? I'm thinking of buying their washing machine and dryer too...Do they have a showroom somewhere?

    What about Bellari? Isit good? how much does one set hood hob and oven cost ah? Got showroom anywhere??


    Brandt have a showroom at this address but they closed at 5plus on weekdays:

    Brandt Asia Pte Ltd

    60 Alexandra Terrace #04-23/32

    The Comtech, Lobby D

    Singapore 118502

    Tel: 6476 1860

    Fax: 6476 4188


  3. We are using the brandt oven and almost every other night i will be whiping out something from it. I was using Baby Belling previously and personally i prefer the outcome of my food with the brandt oven. Oh yeah, im also using the brandt hob, hood and dishwasher! So far so good and hope yours will turn out great too.

    Hi SammieGirl,

    Thanks for you reply. Glad to know that brandt is rather good. May I know which model you are using? I am currently reviewing FE422XS1 as it fits my budget.

    Thanks! :D