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  1. On 4/24/2016 at 0:37 AM, 7ustus said:

    Not sure if this thread is inactive or dead, but I've got 3 FS all recommended by friends. Consulted 1 for unit selection and another one for wedding date the last have not tried, but heard he is good as well from recommendations. Unit selection one is price friendly, and was quite accurate in reading our Ba Zhi. As for the wedding date one, well, once you've been to his place, you would probably want him to be your designated FSM. The last one no comment, coz never try before, but based on experiences shared, he is good and reasonably priced. Personally we have agreed to consult the second one for our new place. If anyone interested I can PM you all 3 contacts, maybe can share your views/experience after that too.. :)

    Hi 7ustus, can u pls pm me the FS contacts? Thanks v much.