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  1. I tried Faceshop's eye mask (the one in red packaging)...quite good I feel! :)

    Other self remedies: put cold teabag on eye, put cold spoon (freeze it in the fridge first), and frequent massage around the eye area...

    Well, there is also a very popular cream for dark eye circles called Hylexin....it has been mentioned in magazines many times before...but have not tried it for myself yet... :sport-smiley-003:

  2. hey ladyluck...is 36 tables all accounted for?

    If you think you may have extra guests turning up unexpectedly on the actual night, I would suggest 35+2 instead. :)

    Cannot afford to have no empty reserve table in case some people just anyhow bring their extended famiily along!

    Well for us...we tactfully ask for rsvp even for family members....just tell them you have to arrange seating arrangement as an excuse and check out how many can come...hee..but that was my mum's job...hee...


  3. Hi stargaaz...are you doing your toilet wall tiles in black too?

    I din't change my wall tiles, but laid black tiles for the toilet floor...i like it for easy maintenance!!

    Remember to choose anti-slip floor tiles...safer...


  4. Our rain shower set is from Hoe Kee too...think there was a promotion then at $138....its their inhouse range...but we got our own mixer tap elsewhere....

    Installation was done by the plumber the ID contracted....:)

  5. I went Korea Free & Easy 11 days for my honeymoon in Dec...hehe...

    Very interesting trip...want to revisit the place again!! Still many places haven't go... :good:

    But I didnt buy any LV or diamonds back...only lots of seaweed...hahaha...

  6. Thanks Fifi...heehe...not easy to be self-disciplined hor?

    At first we told ourselves 42 photos should be quite enough but we ended up choosing another 20 more... :bangwall:

    Nivlek...wow that's quite a lot...think you almost bought all of the photos? Do you feel happy after spending that $4.7k?? If yes...then don't think about it already lor...hee...I fully understand how the temptation of topping up can be so overwhelming!! :rolleyes:

    For couples who do not wish to spend that much...remember to constantly remind each other on that day...pinch each other if that works...haha...

  7. Hi,

    I am facing mosquito problems recently too, especially with the rain now and then...me low floor unit too...perhaps that's why?

    Well...we bought the baygon repellant (those you plug into the electrical socket types) and put in all the rooms....seems quite effective these few weeks...or probably the mosquitoes have migrated...

    The most effective way for us is to switch on the aircon for a night of undisturbed sleep cos' mosquitoes dislike cold temperature...hehe...but my electrical bill sure go up leh!


  8. Hi smartfool..

    Yes its quoted just like any carpentry works in the house...damage was a about $3K inclusive of all accessories. We can specify how many drawers, how many shelves, height of each drawer, etc.


  9. Personally, I think Dunlop is really value for money!!

    We got ours at about $1k++...very comfortable yet it is firm enough to support the spine...every night when I lie down on the bed after a long day...my back just feel so relieved and I fall asleep really easily...heehe.. :notti: