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Found 157 results

  1. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ EUR/CHF continued to drop in the last week, with the exchange rate hitting the lowest point since mid-April, 2018. But now may not be a perfect time to sell EUR/CHF. As we expect the Swiss franc to decline in the future, the current situation is a good opportunity for establishing long positions on the long run. Investors are not advised to chase the CHF higher, particularly if they think Swiss National Bank(SNB) has used up their monetary policy ammunition. As the widening gap between ECB and SNB policy failed to stabilize the EUR/CHF cross, it may be too early to expect less prudence in SNB, particularly since exchange rate will remain a crucial driver of SNB’s policy decisions. The use of euro for funding carry may have complicated the cross's typical pattern by lowering the franc's sensitivity to improving global risk sentiment It’s estimated that the situation will change in the following quarters. The SNB will take all measures necessary to keep the interest rate down, and will do so longer than ECB and other central banks. EUR/CHF’s target at the end of the year is estimated to be at 1.1500, so now may be a good opportunity to open long position on the long run.
  2. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ The Bank of Japan will announce its interest rate decision on January 21. At present, it is generally expected that the Bank of Japan will maintain the policy balance interest rate at - 0.1%. We expect the BoJ to commit to keep interest rates at their current low level or even cut them until the inflation target of 2% is reached. With Japan's economy still under pressure from trade tension and consumption tax hikes in October, bank governor Kuroda Tohiko may express his determination to maintain ultra loose monetary policy. At that time, the central bank will also release economic growth and inflation forecasts, which may raise the economic outlook for the new fiscal year. Bank of Japan governor Kuroda tohiko previously said that if necessary, short-term and long-term interest rates are expected to remain at current or lower levels for a long time. Moody's also expects major global central banks, including the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, to maintain loose monetary policy. With economic data falling, the BoJ will ultimately need to act. We believe that the moderate inflation forecast will strengthen the market's expectation that the Bank of Japan will maintain ultra loose monetary policy. The BoJ will further relax its policy by deepening its guidance on negative interest rate policy, and may cut interest rates by 10 basis points to - 0.2% later in the first quarter of 2020. USD/JPY daily pivot point: 110.16 S1: 110.04 R1: 110.28 S2: 109.92 R2: 110.40
  3. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Exposed broker: XM Regulatory Status: under valid regulation Complainant: Mr. Sadon from Saudi Arabia Cause of complaint: losses due to irregularities on the trading platform WikiFX is scheduling an exposition this year in Dubai, the financial capital of the UAE, and as the initial preparations proceed recently, we received a complaint against broker XM from Mr. Sadon, an investor from Saudi Arabia. He shared his experience of suffering unjustified losses when trading on XM, in order to warn other investors against the broker. Event Recap (Mr. Sadon’s narration) Today, I’d like to ring an alarm for investors trading on XM and to other investors as well, especially those who are new to the forex circle. Hopefully my experience can prevent more fellow investors from falling victim to this scam. The broker XM swindled me US$300 by manipulating the price on the platform and changing my stop-loss setting. Without my authorization, the platform replenished my margin account 3 times for US$100 each time, until my balance was used up.It was during the last of such irregular operations that I found out something was wrong, because surprisingly enough, when I made the same transaction in another demo account, I achieved the goal and made profits, yet on the XM platform it was in the situation of a stop loss!! In another occasion, I noticed that the transactions in both accounts were profitable when I logged on the platform. But suddenly, the balance on the XM platform became negative, and the broker later informed me that my account was at a stop loss. I immediately took a screenshot of my trading records and contacted the company about the issue. They asked for my account number and phone number, saying that they would look into the matter and call me back. I waited for several days, yet the account manager (his name was Krikor) didn't even call me, so I reached out again, this time through email. In the following week, I contacted the broker’s agents again and again, but they never answered my requests. About XM WikiFX App shows that XM is currently under valid regulation, holding MM licenses from ASIC(Australia) and CySEC(Cyprus), while subject to offshore regulation from IFSC and FSA. Having been in business for more than 5 years, the broker’s score is 9.26, boasting a fairly high reputation in the forex industry. Conclusion From this case we can see that XM, despite its good compliance record, is not completely risk free as investor still suffered from irregularities. Should you notice any similar problems when trading on this platform, keep the evidence and contact the broker immediately. If you are having difficulties reaching the broker, you can seek WikiFX’s help by providing the key evidences, and we’ll do our best to help you recover your funds.
  4. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Broker: AFX Address: Arch. Kyprianou 2 & Ayiou Andreou, G.Pavlides Building, 3rd Floor, 3036, Limassol, Cyprus Visited by: WikiFX team Background of the visit: AFX Group is a retail forex broker licensed by the FCA(UK) and CySEC(Cyprus). In July last year, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC) suspended the license of forex broker AFX Capital Marekets for 10 days, because the broker violated customer funds protection regulations and caused negative impact on the orderly and stable development of the market. Later, the British Financial Market Conduct Authority(FCA) also suspended the company's license. In order to protect investors' assets safety, WikiFX team visited AFX Group in Cyprus. Geographical location: Limassol is located on the southern coast of Cyprus and is the second largest city in Cyprus. In recent years, because of a regulation more relaxed than that in Europe and America, Cyprus has attracted many forex brokers to register here. On-the-spot investigation According to the regulatory address, WikiFX team came to the center of the old town of Limassol and found an weathered multi-storey building. we entered the office building and found a company sign. According to the directory, level 3 to level 5 of this office building belong to AFX. We then took the elevator directly to Room 301 on the third floor, and found AFX’s logo at the door. But no one answered when we rang the doorbell or when we went upstairs and knocked on the door. We waited for nearly an hour at the entrance, but saw no one entering or leaving. Conclusion: Per investigation, we found that although AFX’s office was indeed in Cyprus, the broker didn’t seem to be in business. According to WikiFX App, AFX is rated at 3.32, and its MM license from CySEC(Cyprus) and appointed representative license from FCA(UK) have both been canceled by the issuing authorities, while the broker’s investment consultation license from FCA isn’t authorized for forex brokerage business. Investors need to be aware of the risks with this broker. Up till now, WikiFX has archived profiles of over 15,000 forex brokers. Investors can type in the name of the broker to easily look up its full profile and detailed visit report on WikiFX App.
  5. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ According to the data recently released by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, the country’s annual inflation rate in 2019 dropped to 1.4%, lower than the 1.9% of 2018 and 1.8% in 2017. Statistics suggest Germany’s inflation in December, 2019 sat at 1.5%, and the monthly inflation figure excluding energy price was 1.8%. Food price rose 2.1% year-on-year, with a significant increase in the price of meat and meat products. The European Central Bank set the inflation target range at slightly lower than 2%, but ever since 2019, even Germany,the largest economy of the Eurozone, had failed to meet the 2% inflation target except in April, 2019. An inflation constantly under target level will affect business investment and private consumption, thus stunting economic growth. In order to tackle risks of deflation and boost economic recovery of the Eurozone, the ECB continues to ease monetary policies. But the latest inflation data in Germany shows that the ECB’s easing policies haven’t been very efficient in boosting inflation. German Council of Economic Experts previously estimated that Germany’s inflation in 2020 will be around 1.6%.
  6. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Exposed broker: PTFX Regulatory status: unregulated illegal broker Complainant: Anonymous Cause of complaint: investor couldn’t withdraw Although PTFX has already become a notorious scam broker in the forex circle, but the company still hasn’t give up the chance to lure more unwary victims into its trap with its high publicity. Recently, WikiFX received complaint from another investor who fell victim to PTFX. Event recap This victim first signed up and made deposit at PTFX in early 2019. Although there were already many negative comments about PTFX online back then, the investor, lured by the "high profits" slogan from the broker’s advertisements, still decided to "test the water". In March, 2019, the investor applied for a withdrawal for the first time; the money wasn’t immediately received, but arrived in investor’s account after a week. Since then, negative news about PTFX has almost never stopped, but the investor was “lucky”enough not to encounter any trading irregularities. By early October, the investor submitted a withdrawal request again, but this time he no longer had such luck: the withdrawal was delayed, while the broker’s customer service offered no explanation or solution other than excuses, and he was even kicked out of the chat group. Later, when the investor logged on to the platform website again, his original withdrawal application records had been erased. Until now, the victim have not been able to withdraw funds from his account. About PTFX PTFX has already become a notorious broker with some of the worst reputations in the forex circle. WikiFX has exposed it for many times in hope of warning investors against this illegal broker, yet many gullible investors who are eager to make profits have still fallen into PTFX’s trap. According to WikiFX App, PTFX is without valid regulation, while under heavy complaints from investors who accuse the broker for blocking their withdrawals. WikiFX has labeled the broker as illegal to warn investors to stay away. Conclusion Though the desire for fortune is more or less a human nature, any expectation or attempt to generate huge profits without making any proportional effort are both unrealistic and dangerous. While forex market is well-known for its lucrativeness, investors should never ignore the accompanying high risks. To find out more about any forex broker, please log on WikiFX website or App where you can easily access comprehensive information about brokers and the forex market.
  7. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Yesterday, EUR/CHF exchange rate fell to 1.0732, the lowest level since April, 2017. Prior to this, the U.S. government had again put Switzerland to its currency manipulator watch-list. Economic growth and inflation data may still prompt the SNB to increase foreign exchange to curb appreciation of Swiss franc. Data of Swiss National Bank(SNB) last August showed that the bank injected billions of Swiss francs into the market and bought foreign currencies in order to curb the surge of the Swiss franc. A stronger Swiss franc will make it more difficult for Swiss companies to export products. Since the SNB removed the cap on Swiss franc and introduced a negative interest rate 5 years ago, the strength of the Swiss franc means that it is almost impossible to end the negative interest rate in the short term. on Monday, traders have braced themselves for fluctuations of CHF in the coming weeks. The one-month implied volatility of the euro against the Swiss franc rose 11 basis points to 4.27% on Wednesday, the highest level in nearly two months. If the EUR/ CHF fall below 1.10, it may trigger the central bank’s intervention, making the SNB active again. A strong Swiss franc could be a more serious challenge for the SNB. The central bank is now under the market’s test of whether it can curb further appreciation of the currency. As the US economy slows down, market demand for safe-haven currencies seems to increase. The Japanese yen and Swiss francs should be the main choices for capitals seeking to hedge risks.
  8. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Broker: Megagrowth (Indonesia) Visited on: December 5th, 2019 Conclusion: the broker truly exists Before the visit As an emerging power on the global financial market, Indonesian brokers are gaining greater visibility on the international stage in recent years and have attracted growing attentions from investors. Indonesia, the most populous of Southeastern countries, has been home to hundreds of forex brokers so far. Today, WikiFX is visiting the broker Megagrowth. On-the-spot investigation According to regulatory information, the forex broker Megagrowth’s licensed branch in Indonesia is located at Gedung Menara Kuningan Lt. 28 Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Blok X 7 Kav. 5Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12940. We drove to Gedung Menara Kuningan, a building with a striking logo outside. We entered and took the elevator to level 28. Floor directory showed that about 5 brokers have offices set up here, including Megagrowth that we planned to visit, and we followed the direction to its office. The company has a bright and spacious reception with a notable logo. We looked at the office and counted about 25 cubicles. Through this visit, we confirm the licensed branch of Megagrowth really exists. About Megagrowth Megagrowth is a compliant broker specialized in businesses involving forex, crude oil and stock indices. Holding a license on futures brokerage issued by BAPPEBTI, Megagrowth is also a regulated member of multiple Indonesian financial authorities including ICDX, JFX and KBI. Conclusion In fact, while many Indonesian brokers hold forex brokerage license issued by the local regulation authority BAPPEBTI, the strength and credibility of BAPPEBTI’s supervision remains unsatisfactory, which partly accounts for investor’s lack of confidence in Indonesian brokers. In short, the local regulation authorities still have a long way to go to improve reputation of Indonesian forex market. WikiFX App shows that Megagrowth is currently in valid regulation, and it’s 6.00 rating suggests acceptable reliability. To find out more about the broker, investors may check WikiFX App or visit our official website.
  9. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ The US stocks soaring above historical record seem to suggest that the conflict between US and Iran has been over, yet situation in the Middle-east remains tense. Looking ahead, Middle-east faces emerging geopolitical risks that are underestimated by the market, and arranging safe-haven assets such as gold and Japanese yen can be an important way of hedging such risks. After the US launched an air strike on January 2nd that killed Iranian senior government official Qasem Soleimani, Iran quickly took revenge 5 days later by attacking several US military bases in Iraq, leading to further escalation of the tension between the two countries. The market plummeted upon the breaking of the news, while oil price surged as the Wall Street worried about whether Iran will target areas with rich oil reserve. Because market volatility and oil price’s surge may affect decisions on diplomatic policies, Iran’s continuous retaliation may lead to severe consequences. If the conflict further escalates within the US election year, leading to serious market volatility and pulling allies away from the US, President Trump is more likely to seek a resolution similar to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA). Escalation of the conflict before the election, though the market has not yet release any assessment regarding major upcoming risks. Daily Pivot points for gold: 1552-1554 S1: 1548 R1: 1560 S2: 1541 R2: 1565
  10. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Unregulated brokers who block withdrawals can count as one of the worst nightmares of forex investors. Bear in mind that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Don’t be fooled by empty promises of scammers and focus only on profits, because when you indulge yourself in the illusion of becoming rich, you can easily neglect the huge risks and potential losses that hide behind. Recently, an investor from China reported the illegal broker AGX on WikiFX exposure forum. Victim: Mr. Shen Illegal broker: AGX Cause of complaint: unable to withdraw money Mr. Shen’s case review: Last April, I met a “signal provider” in a stock discussion group. I followed his advice to open an account on AGX to make deposits, and since then I had been trading on the platform according to the "signals" he provided. But after trading for a week, I lost more than 10,000 US dollars rather than making any profits. Realizing this broker was extremely suspicious, I immediately submitted a withdrawal request on the AGX platform, but they kept on postponing my withdrawal. Neither could I reach the signal provider. But I didn’t want to give up, as I still had a large balance in my account unable to be withdrawn. Finally, I decided to put pressure on AGX by exposing it on the WikiFX forum. According to Mr. Shen, after he took the measure, AGX finally contacted him and asked him to post a clarification note on WikiFX exposure platform, promising that they would return his money; however, after Mr. Shen did so, AGX again disappeared, and the so-called "refund" became no more than an empty promise. Many investors may have such questions: since there are all kinds of forex scams, how can I identify illegal brokers? What are their common tricks? How can I protect myself from such scams? Firstly, what types of FX brokers that we should avoid? -Any FX broker who has received a warning from regulator. -Any FX broker who keep on nagging you to make deposits. -Any FX broker holding a cloned license. -Any FX broker who claims to be regulated while it’s actually not. -Any FX broker that makes you pay fees that aren’t even in any term or condition. -Any FX broker that doesn’t allow withdrawals and blocks you as soon as you ask for a withdrawal. Secondly, the following methods are commonly used by illegal brokers to defraud investors: -Inducing account opening; -Giving wrong trading signals deliberately; -Trading on the investor’s behalf; -Causing severe slippage; -Causing negative balance through manipulation; -Blocking withdrawal; -Suspending investor’s account. Finally, how to protect ourselves from forex scam? In fact, for investors, the best way to avoid being cheated is to learn more about how to trade correctly. It takes a lot of time, education, patience and wisdom to gain profit in forex trading. Another very simple method is to check the broker’s regulation. When dealing with forex brokers or IB agents, don't believe in their empty promises such as "small investment, big return" or "no risks". Instead, the first step you need to take is to check their company’s regulatory information and background. WikiFX App not only presents the regulatory information of more than 15,000 brokers, but also releases a large number of exposure cases for the reference of investors.
  11. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee is expected to vote 6 to 3 to hold benchmark interest rate at 0.75% unchanged this month. Post-election survey data proves the economy is recovering with the elimination of uncertainties, but the recovery may be rather modest, as Britain still faces the challenging trade negotiation with European Union. The pound remains at a price ideal for dip-buying. Currently, the impact of market expectation on January’s 0.12% rate cut is fading, as well as uncertainties about Brexit, so additional stimulus will facilitate a steady recovery of the economy, leading to a rebound of the pound. Meanwhile, the wildfire raging through Australia is expected to have more far-reaching effect on the economy than flood or other natural disasters, while the extreme drought weighing on many regions and especially agricultural sector has further added to the troubling situation. Therefore, as GBP rises and AUD weakens, investors can pay more attention to the pair and seek opportunity as GBP/AUD shows potential to breach upwards. GBP/AUD daily pivot points: 1.8824-1.8842 S1: 1.8783 R1: 1.8901 S2: 1.8715 R2: 1.8951
  12. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Through analysis of EUR/GBP’s latest trend, we found the pair will likely remain bullish in the upcoming months. News has been around that the British government plans to issue more government bonds and further implement expansionary fiscal policies in 2020. Therefore, the market is reassessing the possibility for the British government to cut interest rate and it’s estimated that a 0.25% rate cut will soon take place. The pound sterling will be navigating through domestic economy, central bank policies and most of all, the financial budget to be released this March, in the first half of 2020. Also, Brexit negotiation is only at its beginning and whether a free trade deal can be successfully concluded will be crucial. EUR/GBP daily pivot points: 0.8496---0.8502 S1: 0.8465 R1: 0.8527 S2: 0.8437 R2: 0.8561
  13. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Recently, Mr. Lin, a Malaysian investor, reported to WikiFX how he was defrauded by the illegal forex broker Stone Lion. Complainant: Mr. Lin Complained broker: Stone Lion Cause of complaint: broker blocked withdrawal Account balance: over US$90,000 About 2 months ago, I submitted my withdrawal requests on Stone Lion but they remained unapproved. The customer service claimed I wasn’t their VIP client so I had to wait in line for my withdrawal. During this time all my withdrawals were either rejected by the system or shown complete without the money actually sent to my account. Trying my best to hold my frustration, I again contacted Stone Lion about my withdrawals. Yet the customer service told me that my account has been “frozen” due to “generating illegal profits” and I must “pay a US$12,000 margin to unfreeze the account.” Feeling shocked, I recalled the whole investment process from signing up and making deposit to trading, and was positive I never did anything illicit. This US$12,000 request of the broker is absolutely ridiculous, while it couldn’t explain why the US$30,000 withdrawal was approved but didn’t reach my account. So I continued to negotiate with the broker, hoping that they would at least send me the US$30,000 withdrawn first. But the customer service pulled up the excuse that “the withdrawal channel wasn’t working” and I had to wait. Tired of this endless delay, I called the company providing the third-party withdrawal channel, and learned through them that there wasn’t any issue with the withdrawal channel - what Stone Lion told me was simply a lie. Once again, I questioned the customer service and demanded for my funds. This time the customer service blamed me for “making harassing calls the third-party service provider” and the company “no longer support withdrawal through their channel”, while insisting I must pay US$12,000 in order for them to “rearrange another withdrawal channel”. This unscrupulous scammer not only blocked my withdrawals, but even tried to coax me into making more deposits. We learned that until now, Mr. Lin still has over US$90,000 in his account unable to be withdrawn, as he became more troubled by the incident every day. Stone Lion not only robbed Mr. Lin’s money, but also left him deeply perturbed. Mr. Lin’s case is a good example of how illegal brokers not only try to blame withdrawal failures and heavy losses on investors themselves through lame excuses or manipulation under the table, but also attempt to mislead investors into making further investment even after they’ve suffered losses. Per checking WikiFX App, Stone Lion has been listed as an illegal broker, and the NFA(US) license it claims to hold is suspected to be a cloned one. WikiFX has received over 14 complaints against this broker in the past 3 months, please stay away from this illegal broker! If you are experiencing withdrawal failures or unusually frequent investment losses at a broker, we strongly advise you stop trading. You may keep key evidences, such as records of your conversation with the broker and your trading records, and contact WikiFX for assistance to defend your legal rights.
  14. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Latest statistics suggest German manufacturing order continue to slip 1.3%, contrary to the expectation of a 0.2% gain. This has been the greatest decline since July, 2019.Falling factory orders have largely been driven by the decline in commodity orders and overseas investment demands, among which demand for consumer goods stopped growing and orders fell 6.5% year-on-year. Another report suggests that weakening export has been a particularly hard blow on the automotive industry, which is a major cornerstone for German economy. According to data from the German Association of the Automotive Industry, automobile production is at its lowest in the recent 25 years.Deutsche Bundesbank said the country’s economy had been stagnant during the last quarter in 2019 and shows no signs of rallying, while the growth this year will likely still be under 1%. EUR/USD daily pivot points: 1.1115-1.1135 S1: 1.1082 R1: 1.1148 S2: 1.1059 R2: 1.1191
  15. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ Broker: 33option Visited at: 1, Kosta Hadjikakou, Kyriakos Tower, 1st Floor. Agios Athanasios, CY-4107 Limassol, Cyprus Conclusion: The broker’s office doesn’t exist On-the-spot investigation Near the end of the year, forex market is still busy as ever, while the illegal forex brokers are taking the opportunity to defraud investors. Forex scams related to exchange rates are difficult to curb despite the regulatory efforts. Upon investors’ request, WikiFX team recently visited the licensed branch of forex broker 33option in Cyprus. According to the address from regulatory information, with the assistance of GPS and local passerby, WikiFX finally found Kosta Hadjikakou Street where 33option is located. We noticed that the street runs through a residential neighborhood without any office building or company. After searching from door to door, we found the place matching 33option’s regulatory address - a house with the number “1” on the door. However, the door was locked and no one answered when we knocked. The place didn’t seem like a regular company in business, and people living next door also said this was a normal residence and the owner only comes home at night. Through checking WikiFX App, we found that 33option uses non-MT4/5 software and has a low rating of 1.84. The broker’s license from CySEC has been canceled and it currently has no valid regulation. Investors should mind the risk and avoid falling victim to it. WikiFX reminds investors that binary option brokers will often disguise themselves as online financial and investment service providers to assume “legitimacy”. These binary option brokers are usually registered overseas with overseas servers, while they don’t have any actual business location or executable assets within the country. Should the service provider breach the contract, investors will not be able to defend their rights through legal actions against the broker.
  16. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ If history can be viewed as a reference, the chance of gold falling in the next two weeks is very high. In Asian markets on Wednesday, the 14-day relative strength index of gold spiked to 90, well above 70 which is typically used as the overbought average. Since 2000, the gold RSI index has risen above the 85 level only three times and in all three occasions gold showed a decline in the following 10 trading days, with an average decline of 1%, while gold rose 7% in the previous 10 trading days. To be sure, in these three cases in October 2010, February 2016, and June 2019, gold had eventually resumed its upward trend,but momentum had slowed down. Gold performs best when interest rates fall and the dollar weakens. If tensions in the Middle East do not further escalate, most of the volatility in interest rates and the dollar may stop temporarily, and same for the rebound in gold, at least temporary. Currently, the market is enthusiastically expecting a bullish trend in gold. However, long position holders should mind whether this gold-purchasing zeal at the beginning of the new year is overheated. The latest CFTC Commitment of Traders data also shows that as of December 31st , 2019, hedge funds and other fund managers continued to increase their long positions in gold and silver, of which speculative net longs in gold increased by 22,273 contracts to 327,925.
  17. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ In speaking of investment, broker scams in forex trading seem to be a recurring theme. As with many industries, the fast growing forex industry also has plenty of predators, who look to take advantage of newcomers. These illegal brokers target the typical mindset of investors to make money quickly and induce investors to engage in unregulated or high-risk investments, causing them heavy losses. Recently, Ms. ANGELIC0905 from Indonesia told WikiFX about how she was defrauded by the illegal broker OLYMPTRADE. Stay away from the illegal broker OLYMPTRADE, lest you become a victim like me! I was first introduced to the broker by an IB named Juni Sarjiyanto, who invited me to the telegram group called “Option Trader Crazy Action”. The group was shown to have 106 members, and they frequently shared screenshots showing their profits on OLYMPTRADE’s trading platform, receiving the marvel and inquiries of others. Seeing the very attractive profits of other group members, I was tempted to try my luck too. So when Juni Sarjiyanto asked me whether I want to sign up at OLYMPTRADE, I agreed without much hesitation and sent a US$1,000 deposit to a designated personal account. But unexpectedly, it was only a few days before my account on the platform was frozen, and Juni Sarjiyanto also became out of reach. By then I finally realized that the whole thing has been a scam right from the start. Through investigation, WikiFX found that all the “members” actively discussing and sharing screenshots in “Option Trader Crazy Action” are no more than sockpuppets operated by Juni Sarjiyanto. What’s more, ANGELIC0905 is not the only victim, as WikiFX have received complaints against OLYMPTRADE from more than one investor recently. This suggests the scam broker may still be lurking around, so please beware of OLYMPTRADE and don’t be the next victim of it. Many investors may ask, “it looks like the broker’s offer can bring me big profits, but it may also be a way to trick me into making deposits, so how can I know whether my broker is a compliant one or not? And how should I avoid being scammed?” The first step is to do a thorough search. That means checking a broker’s profile in detail, such as location of the broker's headquarter, its term of business, regulatory status and customer feedback. Make sure you don’t miss anything suspicious. If you feel you are being scammed, contact us at wikifx@wikifx.com for assistance to recover your money. You can also download “WikiFX App”, a broker inquiry app, at Google play or apple store.
  18. https://www.wikifx.com/sg_en/ As Britain’s economy is eventually recovering after the general election at the end of last year, the market’s expectation is the Bank of England won’t lower interest rate after the monetary policy meeting at the end of this month, thus propping up the pound’s exchange rate. Britain’s Service Industry PMI in December released on Monday indicates steady growth in the service industry, and the central bank is under less pressure to adopt easing monetary policies. The latest data of the service industry seems to suggest that Boris Johnson’s victory in the election last year has reduced the risk of a no-deal Brexit and boosted confidence of consumers and businesses as well. Should the optimism remains in the following months, the Bank of England will likely hold interest rate at 0.75% unchanged. At the moment, policymakers of the central bank are still waiting for more economic data to support their final monetary policy decision. Though the recovery of the service sector can help boost the economy, uncertainties continue to weigh on business investment and it’s estimated that Britain’s GDP growth won’t improve much compared with in the last quarter of 2019. GBP/USD daily pivot points: 1.3120---1.3154 S1 1.3096 R1 1.3212 S2 1.3021 R2 1.3253
  19. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ USDX has rallied on last Thursday and Friday. Tension between US and the Middle East, together with US’ latest sanctions targeting the Cuban Defense Minister challenged the market’s risk appetite and supported demands for risk aversion. Technically, the post-Christmas falling trend of USDX will halt at least for the time being. There’s no signs that the Fed will further cut interest rate in the new year, which can offer US dollar more support. Notably, 2020 is the election year in US, and historical data suggests USD usually fares well on election years, falling only twice in all election years during the past 4 decades. So it may be a good idea to increase holding of US dollar and short euro. USDX daily pivot points: 96.58 S1 96.38 R1 96.78 S2 96.18 R2 96.98
  20. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ Having said goodbye to 2019, the forex market soon entered the first trading day in 2020. Due to the long holiday, the market has not been very liquid at the start of a new year. USD may be largely affected by political factors, while the move of other currencies this week has been signaling further trend. Let’s take a look on the forex market in the first week of 2020. EUR/USD With little doubt, USD remains the most followed currency on the market. 2020 is the election year in the US and whether President Trump will remain in office will largely affect the market. From rewriting the North America free-trade agreement to starting a trade war and imposing high tariffs on other countries, Trump’s economic policies during his presidency have significantly reshaped the global economy, and to certain extent are responsible for its slowdown. Trump has been the third US president in history that faces an impeachment, and market views the impeachment result to be a determining factor for his re-election. As for the election, historical data suggests the dollar usually fares well in the election year, falling only twice in all election years during the past 40 years, while what seemed to be a sell-of in 2012 turned out different than it appeared to be. Though history does not always repeat itself, past experience suggests 2020 may be a good year for the dollar. USD/JPY In analysis at the end of 2019, we mentioned that the sluggish US economic indicators could mean the dollar may experience a down period before the economy rallies in 2020, and this has been proved by the decline of USD/JPY in the past week. Since the beginning of trading session in the new year, USD/JPY has been jittering down-slope, and on January 2nd (EST) the pair further dropped to breach the previous low-point support, suggesting that a even worse situation is imminent. It’s estimated that the exchange rate can be moving toward the low-point during October and early November last year. AUD/USD AUD/USD stayed bullish near the end of 2019, closing at its highest level since July on Boxing Day, and again climbed 90 basis points at the end of the year, pushing the rate of AUD against USD above 70 cents. Much in line with previous estimation, the Australian dollar is a first choice for profit-taking. For the first week in 2020, AUD has breached the previous doji low, which signals a reverse of the trend. But the market is still looking for evidence that a low-point higher than the previous one has formed, expecting for another bullish trend. This can be a very psychologically challenging process. As the new year starts with a fresh outlook, knowing the market trend will help you gain greater advantage in forex trading. Stay tuned as WikiFX brings you more forex updates.
  21. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ Forex broker: Pasifik Futures Visited on: November 29th, 2019 Conclusion: broker really exists On-the-spot investigation Regulatory information suggests that the licensed branch of forex broker Pasifik Futures in Indonesia is at APL Tower Central Park Lantai 30, Jl. LetJend S. Parman Kav. 28 Jakarta Barat, and WikiFX team recently visited the broker at the spot. APL Tower is in Central Park, the 10th largest building in the world located in west Jakarta. Following the GPS we soon arrived at APL Tower and found its striking logo outside the building. The building had very strict security measures and after our identities were verified by the staff, we were allowed to take the elevator to level 30, and according to the directory sign this is where our target is at. The arrows led us to Pasifik Futures’ office, which didn’t appear large and had around 20 cubicles. We thus confirm that Pasifik Futures’ office really exists in Indonesia. Analysis WikiFX continues to explore the brokers in Indonesia, a land nicknamed the Country of Thousand Islands and also has some of the world’s largest buildings, such as the Central Park we’ve just visited. The grand office building of APL Tower where Pasifik Futures is situated left us with a nice impression even before we actually got to the broker’s office. According to its website, Pasifik Futures is a subsidiary of Inter Pan Group and offers customers a variety of financial services in forex, commodities, stock indices and futures. The company not only boasts high liquidity and transparency, but also ensures the safety of clients’ assets by managing them in a segregated bank account designated by the regulation authority Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House(KBI). Meanwhile, Pasifik Futures is also regulated BAPPEBTI and other Indonesian regulators, qualified for forex brokerage business. Conclusion According to WikiFX App, Pasifik Futures is currently under valid regulation with retail forex brokerage license from BAPPEBTI. But its forex license from ICDX is suspiciously a clone. Pasifik Futures is rated 5.95 on WikiFX App, and investors may consider choosing the broker.
  22. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ On January 2nd, the Baht dropped 1.8% against US dollar to 30.226 during Asia morning trading session. This has been the largest decline of the Baht against US dollar since 2007. In February, 1997, international speculators signed a forward contract with the Bank of Thailand and borrowed Baht by the score through mortgage of local assets. They sold off THB for USD on the foreign exchange market; near the end of May in the same year, the Baht’s exchange rate against the US dollar went from 25:1 to 26.6:1 as international speculators began to short the Baht; by the end of June, the Baht against US dollar had breached 28:1; on July 2nd,, 1997, Thai government was forced to cancel the Baht’s exchange rate peg to USD, leading to a 30% decline of THB on the same day and a further plunge of 60% in the next 25 days. In fact, the Baht went up nearly 9% in 2019, but the appreciating of the currency also had some undesirable effect on the economy. For instance, tourists visiting Thailand fell to less than 40 million in 2019. The Bank of Thailand had been trying to control the increase of Baht through a series of measures including interest rate cut and easing of capital outflow policies. Therefore, the market considers that the recent plunge of Baht could be partly attributed to the central bank’s regulative measures.
  23. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ According to historical data from 2007 to 2018, USDX usually fares quite well after market reopens in the new year. Data from 2007 to 2016 is universal to a certain extent. As USDX dropped from 97.40 to the current 96.00 on new year’s eve, there’s a demand for adjustment from a technical perspective, so the possibility of a rally in recent days is very high. Also, according to the latest survey of International Monetary Fund(IMF), US dollar’s proportion in global foreign exchange reserve rose to its highest in the year during Q3, 2019, while the proportion of JPY climbed to the highest in 20 years. Foreign exchange reserves in USD reached 6.75 trillion in Q3, 2019, accounting for 61.78% of the global total. This has slightly dropped from the US$6.79 trillion in Q2, but percentage-wise US dollar’s share in the global foreign reserve had increased from 61.49%in Q2. USD’s share in global foreign exchange reserve was at its highest since Q3, 2018. USDX daily pivot points 96.13---96.19 S1: 95.94 R1: 96.32 S2: 95.78 R2: 96.54
  24. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ Exposed broker: SMGI Global Regulatory status: unregulated Complainant: Anonymous Cause of complaint: investor couldn’t withdraw and suffered heavy losses Recently, investor in Thailand exposed the illegal forex broker SMGI Global through WikiFX and social media like Facebook, accusing the broker for blocking investor’s withdrawal channel and inflicting heavy losses on investor. According to the victim, every rule made by SMGI Global aims to make money from investors’ losses. These include the so called minimum profit guarantee, a time-limited asset guarantee and an irregular contact. The investor lost over 200,000 Bahts during the investment at SMGI Global, and the remaining balance also became unavailable. In the event recap, the victim also warned others about the many irregularities of SMGI Global’s regulation. SMGI Global’s Facebook page has around 2,315 followers, and when browsing the page, WikiFX team noticed that the broker is still advertising for itself by releasing misleading information. For example, the following screenshot shows the historical trading data published by the broker in order to attract more investors, but the seemingly appealing data is in fact very unreliable - it could be generated by the broker from computer programs, as there’s no sufficient evidence to support its validity and authenticity. We tried to visit SMGI Global’s official site(www.smgiacademy.com) and found the website unavailable, which further confirms this broker is non-compliant. WikiFX reminds investors to stay away from SMGI Global, as it bears substantial risks.
  25. https://www.wikifx.com/cn_en/ As Japan enters a 6-day’s New Year Holiday, forex investors are worrying about the risk of another “flash crash”. The USD/JPY pair once tumbled from 108.90 to 104.80 within minutes on January 3rd, 2019. Due to liquidity shortage during the holidays, The Financial Futures Association of Japan has voiced warning about possible risks in this aspect. A red flag to beware of this time is the Turkish Lira(TRY). Data from the Tokyo Financial Exchange shows that individual investors in Japan have been speculating over many currencies, and bullish outlook for the TRY recently prevails the market. Meanwhile, Turkish Lira has fallen over 11% against the yen this year, and should the trend continues, investors’ accounts may face margin close-out. Any market fluctuation can trigger massive TRY/JPY sell-of from individual investors for stop-loss purpose, which may further lead to a surge of the yen. As banks will be closed for the holiday from Tuesday(December 31st, 2019) until January 5th, 2020, investors may not be able to react to margin call or margin close-out. USD/JPY daily pivot points 108.93-109.11 S1 108.59 R1 109.28 S2 108.33 R2 109.71