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Recommendations For Water Filter/purifier/ioniser?

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Hi all,

Would like to look for recommendations for water filter, purifier or ioniser. I did some simple research and see that the following are quite popular among new households:

Culligan faucet mount filter (FM-15A or FM-25)
Cleansui undermount filter
Hyflux undermount filter
My questions as follows:
  • Is filter necessary for the main water source (in the house) if our habit is to boil the water before drinking?
  • Most people argue that our main water source is already quite clean, instead of filtering we should be looking to enhance the water quality. e.g akaline water. Anyone using such alkaline ionizer machines?

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Hi Noodler,

I am chemist and very concern of drinking water

Juz read thru your enquiry,

Share my opinion:

The filter is necessary for the main water source, as nowadays our water quality is not same as previous. Even though government try hard to make sure the water is clean to supply to us, but we cant avoid that the piping outside our resident area never change new pipe for 20 or even more years.

We cant guarantee the water quality is still clean during the process delivery from reservoir to our home.

The purpose we boil water is too kill bacteria. I learn this since young. But if i having a water treatment system which using even high technology of UV light to kill bacteria, then i do not need to boil water anymore.

As i m currently using this method, drinking direct water from my water treatment system cut off my gas cost. and more safety.

and my water treatment system is using active carbon filter with certified by NSF (Standard 42, 43, 55 and new standard), It filter 140 types of contaminates (black and white prove) awarded by Reader Digest in Conservative 7 years as platinum award.(Voted by consumer).

It used UV light to kill bacteria.

I believes on facts and prove always, tat y i go for this. and easy to install and i always bring out to install at certain place when i travel to there

PS: The unit is not using RO or alkaline, i choose this because we do not need to change the form of water or add on additional ingredient into water, what we originally look for is to have clean drinking water,



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