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(By Kenny) Kinds Of Curtains To Be Bought For Your House

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Singapore, a city that has a hot and sultry weather like most of the Asian countries because of its nearness to the equator. The high levels of humidity of the place provide a sticky feeling for all the people residing here.

Residents of the area need to give a special treatment to the interior spaces of their homes to get some relief from the heat generated by the sun. The curtains of the home are pivotal in deciding the impact of the outside weather to the home. Selection of the right material, style and length play an important role in determining the temperature of the room and also addresses the need for home improvement.

The great thing about curtains is that it is one of the viable choices for home decoration and that too at little expense. Still, the selection of the right kind of curtains can be daunting for the people of Singapore for dealing with the problem of heat.


While considering interior design Singapore, whether in homes, offices or lodges, there are constraining reasons to make a wise choice of drapes for enhancing the mood of the place along with maintaining the room temperature. So, if you are looking for the ideas on how to select curtains of your house in Singapore, read the article to get some tips on implementation of the same in your home for making your job easier.

  • Functionality - The chief motive for incorporating curtains to the home decoration theme is to add the element of privacy to the living area. It is important to maintain the functionality of the same by adding light-hued cotton drapes for offering a relaxed look to the area along with maintaining the privacy of the room.
  • Color - The curtains being the focal point of the concerned area, the color scheme must not be loud. As dark colors absorb more of the heat and keep, the space insulated, it makes the place sultry and hot to halt. You should take into account the room's color scheme to be able to select material that combine with the walls of the room. In case you used dark colored curtains in a room with light colored walls as an example, it will be a serious error.Therefore, you must try to decrease the color difference by using gauzy fabrics or light colored. In the scenario where you've small windows, it will be best to use self-prints or smaller prints rather than utilizing bigger prints that are astounding.
  • Length - The longer drapes adds imperial, classy and conventional touch to the room's interior, while, shorter length curtains offer casual and tranquil expression to the room's interior. The room's physiognomy depends upon the choice of the owner. Though full-length curtains are recommended for a bedroom as drawing them during the daytime makes the room appear dark and is perfect for creating a mood for a person to sleep during the daytime.

The use or intent of the place is one more variable to take into account when selecting the top window drapes for your dwelling. It's an unwritten rule that window drapes ought to be a manifestation of the feeling of a room. Thus, for each room in the house the curtains ought not to be same. In other words, the one used in the kitchen cannot be the same as those in the bedroom or the sitting area. An excellent example is using those with a sensational appearance in the dining room while using curtains for a vivid and brilliant appearance for the children's bedroom.

  • Day and Night curtains - Considering day and night curtains in a place like Singapore is essential as both of these serve two different purposes. While day curtains are thin and light colored, it allows the penetration of the natural light by offering a delicate impression to the room. Night curtains, on the other hand, are made of thick material that restricts the outside light from entering the area and also secures the privacy of the room.


Curtains are the most frequent form of window treatment that function to give seclusion during the day and at nighttime. Adding decorative poles, tracks, rails, and other curtain accessories enhance the entire scenario of the place and brightens up the spirits of the house.


Hi every one, my name is Kenny, I am a new house owner, and I am also work in the renovation line.

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I was working in a property developer company for many years, as a site engineer. And now I set up my own renovation company.

After so many years in this renovation line, I found that most of the owners actually have little knowledge on renovation for their dream house, and spend a lot of money and time which is actually not necessary. So I start to write some thing, to share with you about my knowledge and experience, I hope that my experience can help more people. Welcome to visit my blog "Interior Design Singapore" at www.interiordesign-singapore.net

**PS: This is an original article by me. Welcome to share at your website, but pls keep a original link for me, thanks
Kinds of Curtains to be Bought for Your House

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