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  1. Of course, u knew! U just couldn't stomach that I commented on your personal rant on your wife losing her heel, and u went squealing "This is war!" Whichever combat training u underwent, if this is how u gonna go for your ICT and turn combative over a heel? I dread to be your commanding officer. Even your inability to comprehend simple English is evidently apparent Precisely I see your post: Your wife lost a heel, BIG DEAL! Some shop lost $860,000! Is your unit in Linear Green even worth $860k?? Someone's wife lost her panties, another's wife lost her bra, one particular hussyband lost his ballz - who in Linear Green is interested in your own sorry plight? There are far more important issues happening in Linear Green than u losing your face, your fat ego feeling bruised or your wife losing her heel. Do I give an iota of a da.mn about what your & your kind's opinion of me? Absolutely NOT! Coz they are all irrelevant & useless. I suffer no fools and I categorically reject mediocrity. I will be right on the blood than to please people like u.
  2. Anyone, everyone, except perhaps you, knows all the news I posted here are either from ST or CNA. The link in the news points to the source. I guess u never bother to click on them at all. Moreover, did I ever once claim credit for authoring those news reports? And, yes u are overly sensitive coz your ego felt bruised.
  3. Armed suspect in goldsmith robbery nabbed Apr 29, 2010 ONE of three suspects behind the armed robbery at a goldsmith shop in New Upper Changi Road last Friday has been arrested. A police spokesman said the 35-year-old man was nabbed on Tuesday night, following extensive investigations in which the police managed to identify him and track him down. The spokesman did not elaborate on how the suspect was caught as investigations are still under way to track down his two accomplices, who remain at large. The robbery at Yong Sheng Goldsmiths at Block 210, New Upper Changi Road, saw three men making off with jewellery over $800,000. The men went into the shop, brandished their knives and pulled down the shop's shutters. Shouting at the four employees there to move behind the counter and squat down, they opened the shelves and emptied trays of jewellery into bags. Witnesses from neighbouring shops said they heard a commotion and thought it was a quarrel. The robbery, which lasted about five minutes, happened at about 3.30pm. The police said the suspects are believed to have fled on two motorcycles in the direction of New Upper Changi Road. They were last seen wearing helmets and were clad in dark-coloured long-sleeved tops and jeans. No one was held hostage or injured during the attack, which took place on a crowded street in Bedok Central. The owner of the shop had earlier told The Straits Times that closed-circuit television footage of the incident had been handed over to the authorities. Anyone with information should call the police hotline on 1800-255-0000. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Armed robbery of $800,000 worth of jewellery vs petty sabotage by pinching of ONE heel? Where's the contest in terms of news worthiness & importance to the Bedok Central community??? Unless it's 1 half of Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels lah, then it makes some gossip fodder by creating a big HOOHAA over it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goldsmith robber charged Apr 29, 2010 By Elena Chong A MAN was charged in a district court on Thursday with the goldsmith robbery at New Upper Changi Road last Friday. No plea was taken from Koh Koon Hong, 35. He is alleged to have robbed Yong Sheng Goldsmith of $860,000 worth of jewellery with two others while armed with a knife. He was remanded at Central police station lock-up until May 6. If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to 10 years and at least 12 strokes of the cane
  4. Police nab one Bedok goldsmith robber, search continues for others By Evelyn Choo | Posted: 28 April 2010 1835 hrs SINGAPORE: Police have arrested a 35-year-old man in relation to the goldsmith shop robbery last week. The shop, located at Bedok Central, lost more than S$800,000 worth of jewellery. Police said they arrested the man late Tuesday night after extensive enquiries. Investigations are on-going to trace other accomplices involved. Witnesses told MediaCorp they saw three masked men walking out of the goldsmith shop last Friday. The arrested man will be charged in court on Thursday with armed robbery. If convicted, he faces a maximum jail term of 10 years and 12 strokes of the cane.
  5. $500k jewellery heist at Bedok by Evelyn Choo 05:55 AM Apr 24, 2010 SINGAPORE - Armed men made off with about half a million dollars worth of jewellery during a daylight robbery in Bedok Central on Friday. The police received a call at about 3pm about the incident at Yong Sheng Goldsmith (picture) at Block 210. Eyewitnesses told MediaCorp that they heard a woman yelling from the goldsmith shop. Ms Amanda Tan said: "I heard someone run across and shout 'robbery, robbery!' in Chinese." By then, the shutters at Yong Sheng had been rolled down halfway. Peering into the shop, eyewitnesses said they saw three masked men, all dressed in black. They said two of the suspects jumped over the counter. The robbery lasted for about two minutes, after which the three men calmly walked out of the shop, witnesses said. Two of them were carrying bags, while the other had a 30cm long knife, the witnesses added. "They carried a sling bag ... They walked like normal people," said another eyewitness, Ms Sarina Goh. Police said the suspects fled on two motorbikes with an assortment of jewellery valued at half a million dollars.
  6. Dear Linear Greeners, There is a spate of public graffiti that I've observed recently during my daily walkabout in the public areas of Linear Green:Unethical, rogue contractors polluting our beloved Linear Green by sticking their unauthorised & illegal notices on: Aluminium side panel next to the lifts at the ground level lift lobbiesLetter boxes and also Our nice, white, clean pillars I do not wish to comment on the quality, the lack thereof actually, in their service level but I would NOT entrust the leasing of my entire unit to them! The simple reason being, since they obviously do not even give a hoot about the 'newness' of my beloved Linear Green precinct, I am seriously very doubtful of their service quality and wonder aloud their sincerity in protecting my interests which is obviously my precious unit in LG! What if they introduce illegal immigrants? Or unsavoury characters? Or some rowdy foreigners from certain developing but less advanced countries? I have good neighbours and I am rather thankful for that and I like to be one as well! 多一事不如少一事嘛! And I digress. Coming back to the unauthorised & illegal notices, I've tried removing & disposing them in the BIG friendly green trash bins where they rightfully belong. But I am only but one person's effort. Therefore, I ask Linear Greeners to please remove as & when you see such unauthorised & illegal notices & deposit them in the BIG, friendly green trash bins where they rightfully belong. The reason is because of the adhesive used to anchor these unauthorised & illegal notices to the surface on which they are displayed - if not removed expeditiously, will be changed chemically by the high heat of our climate, which causes them to harden & the resulting stain irremovable even using the most powerful industrial cleaning solutions which must not be used as they will damage the surfaces. Let us be generous & protect Linear Green's clean & green image by rejecting categorically such cheapskate & crass way of service advertisement which mars & damages the image of Linear Green. Case in point: Observe the notice board under the bus stop shelter nearest to the kiosk nearest to Bedok MRT ground exit closest to Bedok Bus Interchange. Now imagine that in Linear Green = attractive market value of units in Linear Green will plummet. Once the condos emerges up next to Bedok Bus Interchange in 2018, Linear Green will not be the newest HDB flats in Bedok Central anymore. I warmly urge & encourage all Linear Greeners to come together & keep our beloved precinct clean & green. While performing my daily walkabout, I have managed to learn from the workers from Clean Solutions that only ONE of them are in fact: honest to goodness;hard-working;NOT Superman - they are just like any other person that we come across daily;Thus cannot be expected to clean every single dirty spot in the public areas in Linear Green!Simply because they can't be in every spot of Linear Green at the same time what......!But Linear Greeners can. If every Linear Greeners refrain from littering from windows and also in public areas, our Linear Green can be the most spectacularly clean estate in Singapore. Please be nice to them - they are VVVIP = They make sure our Linear Green is reasonably clean & green. Let's be warm & gracious to them so they can be motivated, despite the meagre salaries Clean Solutions pay them, to help keep Linear Green clean & green. Esp when you need to seek their expert assistance in eliminating the most stubborn stain outside your unit. Like what I had to yesterday and I enjoyed the most delicious humble pie. No one is responsible for the state of Linear Green but us, the Linear Greeners. We keep our homes clean - this spirit can be extended to your surrounding environment. If we, as good Linear Greeners, don't even bother to take care of Linear Green, who else will? Keep It Clean Keep It Green For All That We Can Win For Everyone in Linear Green! Thank you!
  7. Oh, that's a pity coz I hear HDB will have a booth there so any Linear Greener who wishes to provide feedback on wrong fixture & furnishing material choices & shoddy workmanship can approach the HDB staff manning the booth. Our MP will also be there - can CC the feedback to him as well.
  8. I'm no ID nor contractor so I can't really provide much help for your use. However, my unit is somewhat similar to yours - I didn't do a feature wall for my TV which sits on a TV cabinet chucked into that corner made by that 1.5 m short wall. Looking at the floor plan of your unit, I consider the flow of 气 as most important, i.e. humans entering thru' the front door into the bedrooms where recuperation & recovery is to take place every night and the reverse flow of 气 in the morning when the occupiers leave their bedrooms for school and work. If u were to do a perm feature wall that extends out into the 1 m ultra narrow corridor, that might impede the flow of 气 and the space behind the feature will be darkened unless u install lighting in the corridor that can illuminate the back of the feature wall. This, however, may proved to be too bright for the occupiers when they wish to sleep = bedroom doors must be closed, which again, impedes the flow of 气, ie circulation of air in the bedrooms. So the other alternatives are a swing out or a slide out feature wall. The downsides of such designs are the risk of the hinges or rolling tracks giving away in the future due to daily wear & tear. Therefore for such designs, you will need a very practical ID who can draw designs that guarantees to work for a very long time or a honest, trustworthy contractor with experience of designing, fabricating & installing attractive AND durable feature walls. Such ideas must survive your thorough evaluation and scrutiny by professionals whom u can trust coz remember I am no ID nor contractor so I know nothing. I just provide intuitive ideas which may not work at all in reality.
  9. From: HDB e-invite <WelcomeParty@hdb.gov.sg> Subject: Linear Green @ Bedok Central Community Party To: All Linear Greeners @ Bedok Central Date: Thursday, 1 April, 2010, 1:17 PM Linear Green @ Bedok Central Community Party Dear Linear Green Residents, Congratulations on your purchase of a home at Linear Green @ Bedok Central. We hope you have settled into your new home and got to know some of your neighbours. To welcome you and your family into the neighbourhood, we warmly invite you to a fun-filled Welcome Party on 17 Apr 2010 (Sat) from 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm. A range of exciting activities such as stage performances and interactive games are in store for you. Make use of this opportunity to mingle with your neighbours and enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner with your family. Do join us at the Community Party with your family*. Look out for the invitation cards which would be distributed to you nearer the date of party. See you at the party! * Remember to bring along your NRIC to register and collect your souvenir (1 per household) during the party. Organised by : Linear Green @ Bedok Central Community Party Committee
  10. Bubbly!!! E-----!!! Where have u hiding arh?! Nong time neber c u! April 17th u & your family FREE or not? PS: Best not to quote entire posts that are lengthy to which you are responding as that will lengthen the page length & increase the amount of unnecessary scrolling by readers. The
  11. Any Linear Greeners are enjoying superb quality deep sleep every night on Serta mattress?? I wanna dump my current one - TOO HOT to sleep without aircon!! @#!@$!%$^$%&%* Serta is having a clearance sale of their mattresses starting from just $999. If you are in the market for a new mattress, like me lor, you might want to check them out! QUICK!
  12. As u can observe on HDB Event Calendar, it is stated that the coming Welcome Party on 17th April is organized by HDB. This fact leads to a bold conjecture that HDB is likely to have allocated budgeted fund$ to stage this Welcome Party = it should be as FUN, ENTERTAINING & uber SUCCESSFUL as the one held on 20th June 2009, organized by our Linear Green RC. There will be, in addition, a FES Multiplier Effect = FES x the number of times the funds allocated by HDB over that received & raised by Linear Green RC for the 2009 version of Linear Green Welcome Party. With the budgeted funds from HDB, I can infer, at 100% confidence level, the 2010 version of Linear Green Welcome Party will be a HUGE event for Linear Greeners. And I strongly believe all 5 MPs will be invited by HDB which is an uber eager beaver that wishes to showcase, to Prof Jayakumar, Mr Raymond Lim, Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Ms Jessica Tan & Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, its achievements in public housing planning & development in Bedok precinct. I would like to also think the 5 MPs are highly likely to attend this Welcome Party, baring unforseeable events that might borrow them from visiting Linear Green @ Bedok Central on 17th April 2010. Here are the details for this Welcome Party: Event Date: 17 Apr 2010 Time : 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm Venue : Linear Green Garden NB: This event is listed on HDB Event Calendar. What can this event do for Linear Greeners? As some Linear Greeners may encounter defects in your LG unit due to shoddy workmanship and/or utterly wrong materials used for certain fixtures, I would like to propose a feedback garner exercise in which Linear Greeners' experiences, thoughts, suggestions & recommendations on such issues be collected, collated & compiled for constructive channelling to HDB in the achievable aims that certain remedy or repair actions can be taken by HDB. Mr Lee Yi Shyan, our MP for Kampong Chai Chee constituency, WILL be sought and consulted for his expert advice & recommendations on the viability of this feedback exercise IF his busy schedule allows such audience. And IF Mr Lee graciously decides to give us his blessings on this Linear Greeners' endeavour, it will greatly boost our chances of a favourable outcome thus his approval & fullest support of our MP, Mr Lee Yi Shyan willl be very much appreciated. Thus you are immensely invited and more than welcomed to post your experiences, thoughts, suggestions & recommendations on the wall of our Linear Green @ Bedok Central on Facebook. United Linear Greeners stand a better chance of having our feedback channelled to HDB with more Linear Greeners contributing their experiences, thoughts, suggestions & recommendations to this feedback garner exercise. There are 958 households in Linear Green = at least 2 x 958 = so we are looking at 1,916 signatories if every household in Linear Green supports this endeavour.
  13. Hmmm? Is there a need to send the floor plan of your LG unit through a scanner? HDB issues floor plans in JPG. For $5? or is it $10? If u have the image of the floor plan, just upload it to any free image hosting provider, such as iMageShack. Once the upload is completed, you will be presented with a bunch of codes & hyperlinks for u to deploy. Check out the photo albums of our Linear Green @ Bedok Central Community in FaceBook - there are three floor plans uploaded & displayed.