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  1. Looking for part timer for Expanding Online Company Minimum 18 yrs old Basic Computer knowledge Personal PC or tablet required Home Based Flexible working hour Commission Based If you're interested, please register here: http://goo.gl/forms/yEFpKuc4fs
  2. Ya actually this contractor has done a major renovation for my HB's cousin, but didnt hear any bad comments abt them leh... perhaps our buisiness for them is small, so they can anyhow do loh My glass contractor has done a new piece of glass for me liao, it was 10mm thick and is now obviously being attached more strongly on the wall, so much less shaky. Ya tmr night we're going down to the Yishun that lousy contractor there, going to foot the rest of the bill. Yes, not going to pay them the $100 bucks. Hng!
  3. aiyah... i didnt leh... cos nvr expect it'll turn out to be like this... somemore want to ask u hor, normally chemical wash should be done AFTER everything is done right? I just feel so wierd that she arranged the chemical wash before everything was done. But at first we just let it be cos since we're just doing minor reno only...
  4. Hee Ideasmiths, who's ur ID? The glass thing asked them to remove already loh, now just waiting for my glass contractor to go up and do the new glass.... haiz... so troublesome... she did our chemical wash too, and she clean liao = no clean, all the stains still there after THREE times wash... in the end, we bought our own bleach and mop and clean the whole floor ourselves... fed up... Ya, think i should stand firm, shouldnt pay for anything that does not meet our specs.
  5. Hi All, Recently did some minor reno at my new house. My contractor was Tay Hxxg Long Construction. We had asked them to build a half fake wall, and add a piece of 4' X 4' glass on it. When we discussed with her that time, we told her we wanted 10mm thick glass, and wanted it to be built INSIDE the fake wall for stability. But she said no need to be so thick lah, she will handle and settle for me, and just quoted me for $320 for the glass including installation. Cos she seems professional so we trusted her expertise and settle for us. However, aft the installation and when we went up to check, we realised the piece of glass was merely 5mm thick! And it was supported by a U-channel on the wall, plus a U-channel on the fake wall. And to our surprise, the U channel was just attached to the fake wall with a double-sided tape!! My goodness, the big piece of glass (together with the U channel) was shaking with just a very light push. We called the contractor immediately and she said again, dun worry, it's a tempered glass, wont break so easily. But cos it's really unstable, as it's just using double sided tape to be fixed on the fake wall, we insisted her to come up and do something. Finally, she sent her guys down and put silicon between the U channel and fake wall. But it was still shaking and dun seem to improve. So we told her to do something to it. But she actually told us, she cant do anything liao lah, ask us to find another contractor. Wah, my HB and i was angry and immediately got another quote from a glass contractor. The glass contractor quoted us only $200 for 10mm glass + installation. So we told the Tay Hxxg Long we want them to remove the glass. And now she's asking us to pay her $100 (originally $320) for all the thing. Sorry for the long-winded story, but would like to check, is it reasonable to pay them $100 for the glass thingy? We were really angry with her leh... still want to charge us for her own fault
  6. Oh, so your washing machine currently not able to wash bedsheets n curtains? Cos hor, my mum say need a big one like 8kg n above, but my MIL say her one 6kg wash also no problem leh... wow 10kg, definitely big enough to take in many stuff. Ya heard that fisher n paykel is gd. But ex leh
  7. Hello, May I know how 'big' is your washing machine in terms of the load? I need to get one which can wash queen size bedsheet/thin blanket, but not sure how big i need loh. 6.5kg able to do it? And, anyone knows the pros n cons for front load and top load washing machine?\ Thx thx!
  8. Ya loh... just wonder how come nobody disuss about King Koil... I heard that Simmons is very ex... so is it that King Koil is kind of the lower end one, and those in the poll are the higher end ones? Paiseh... me dunno much abt mattresses, only heard of King Koil, 4 starts... now going to get a new one so doing some 'research' on it...
  9. Wow really... hee feel relieved after seeing you all's reply.. Thx thx! Hee having tight budget ma... furthermore, most of the time i dun think we'll have much chances or other occassions to wear our wedding shoes ma... so if can wear at ROM, will be great, wont be wasted
  10. Hi All, My ROM dress is maroon colour... I'm thinking of wearing the same shoes with both the ROM dress and wedding gown... do you think i can get a pair of shoes of champagne gold colour? Does it match with both maroon and white? Thx thx!
  11. Hi ChocRasZBerri, What does your package include? Thanks!
  12. Oh... in terms of safety understand la... hee will just close the window when doing cooking. But too bad if in terms of FS, stove cant face window, then dunno wat to do laio, cos mine is a resale flat, the positionings are fixed by the previous owner. Though we can change it, but guess it would be costly and troublesome to do so..
  13. Hi all, Newbie here, just bought my resale flat in punggol. Heard some ppl say that the kitchen stove cannot face the window directly leh... anyone heard of it too? And wonder why? Cos so far i only know that the sink and stove cannot be next to each other due to water and fire cant mix.