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  1. wah this thread still alive ah. Power man. Anyway, I bought a dual flush set from Poh Joo for 20 bucks and changed. Quite good, the flushing has improved. As for the caterpillas thing, wun they morph into butterflies?
  2. Hey big orange, 1 word for your renovated house and bedok mall. Chio!
  3. Is it possible that the bulgar broke thru via the service yard/aircon ledge?
  4. soka, I understand now. 221A is one of the 2 furthest block from the interchange & my unit is facing away from the tracks. Being further away from the hustle and bustle of the central means less convenience but slightly more peace. Sound from the playground is audible but bearable. Apart from some skateboarders playing in the multi storey car park top levels ocassionally at late nights, it is mostly peaceful and very windy here. things should get better since most residents have moved in @ 219A-C
  5. is it really that noisy? its either blk 221A is quieter or maybe i should get my ears checked
  6. 1 observation is our estate is still rather quiet although the number of cars in the carpark shows a lot of pple have move in. Either that or the sound proofing of our windows/walls is really well done. Really hear much when doors/windows are closed. This is good for a peaceful environment but conversely, if someone were to be trapped in the room, he/she really have to scream out really really loud for neighbours to take notice.
  7. Hmm, theres still our thick fireproof wooden door right? Isnt it very noisy to do all the sawing and knocking when the area is already occuppied?
  8. hey pple dun jump into conclusion so soon. I tasted the water from tap in both bathroom and its ok. I let the water in kitchen run full blast for a while (used the water to wash the house, not wasting water) and i think the weird taste has subsided. As such, I believe the cause is my newly installed pipe in the kitchen. Hopefully with more usage, I would not haf any more such issue. Happy new year guys, and may all our kind wishes come true
  9. Mine is stainless steel. Thanks for the good point DSA, I will check tonight and see whether I can do it myself. The water is colorless though just that it has a bitter aftertaste.
  10. So I'm not the only one. The water from kitchen taste weird @ Blk 221A, even after boiling. Kinda like metal / powder taste. Anybody else having this same issue?
  11. Hello, will be around almost whole day tomorrow. Anyone wants to see can drop me a PM. Cheers
  12. Hi fred, My contractor had a sample booklet for me to choose. I did not actually go down. But from this other thread, seems like they do have a showroom though. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13883
  13. Me? 2 T5 Cove Light and 2 downlights in room. 1 downlight at passageway. MBR is not very nice because of the trunking but no choice I guess.
  14. Hi Shor & darcbleu. I picked the wallpaper from goodrich and contractor helped me arrange worker. Total 600. think kena carroted
  15. thks guys. copied design from book. we actually have no theme in mind