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  1. I get them from my friend who does hotel furnishing. I think the problem comes from the delivery dept not from sales dept.
  2. They sent the wrong dining table the other time. Will send tomorrow the right one. Thanks pinkpetter for your compliments. We chose 4 colours for 4 different cushion. This is to have an effect of contrast. Some cushions could also be thrown on the floor. I got my friend who is doing hotel's furnishing and curtain to do it for me. These are the samples from her. I'm lucky to get the curtain done by her at a lower price. To Tower: The white sofa comes in a package with other furniture (tv console, dining table, coffee table) I bought from red apple. The package price is about $4k
  3. Our Sofa, Tv console and coffee table are finally here. We bought a digital photo frame which we will place on top of the tv console. Curtains and cushion covers colour are chosen today. We are waiting for the dining table and the rug right now. Colours for 4 different cushion covers Curtain colours (Dark grey is the colour of the border of the curtain) Digital photo frame
  4. Hi Joanne28, Sorry for the late reply. If I'm not wrong, it costs about $500.
  5. The budget is about 11K because of the tempered glass door leading to kitchen and the L-shape mirror with light at the top and bottom of the mirror panel. The Big white door is leading to a study room
  6. Hi shanabb, Light Arcade's address is: 321 Balestier Rd Singapore 329748. You may want to look for Albert.
  7. Thank you, I like this feature door too. This is done up by the ex-owner. All we do is just painted it white
  8. Hi pinkpetter, thank you for your compliments. The shoe cabinet is from Crystal Home at Enterprise One (Kaki Bukit) and the lights are all from the lights arcade.
  9. These are the updates of the reno progress of my house:
  10. Maybe it wil end this week. Why not u call up and ask. I didn't get the rug on the spot during payment. I still need to wait for 6-7 weeks for them to manufacture and deliver.
  11. My hubby and I just bought a piece of nice rug from lush for $199 (Dimension: 230 x 160). We were so shocked with the price. Feel so happy that we got this bargain. Btw, we got the furry series http://www.lush-lush.com/furry.htm Only the furry series is on promotion. I strongly encourage those who are still searching for nice rug to consider going lush to take a look
  12. It is not of the usual rattan material. Not too sure of what is the material but i think it's a type of metal. Some crystals are inside the nest and some are outside.
  13. It's blk 142. This is the floor plan. The current layout differs from the floor plan here cos the ex-owner did some knocking off of walls in the living room and adding of false walls in the kitchen. The reno costs is about 11K. I hire a contractor. He's quite good!
  14. Sure, you can look for her. She is sweet and nice. Yup it's quite a good deal. That is why we were tempted to sign on the dotted line when we were offered this price. My furniture is coming at the end of Oct. See whether they arrive on time or not. Maybe I try to see if they push it earlier.