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  1. Hi bro tplittey... I have already shortlisted a builder.... after so long... just finalising on the plans... guess can only start work after mid october... so it is about 750k for 4500 sq ft... hope everything will turn out well.... haha this is tough.... honestly i have got quotes for 500k... which i got scared off by the difference in pricing...
  2. wow... thanks guys! I was given the impression that 4500 sq ft is based purely built in area without car porch, open terrace... the land that I bought is 3700 sq ft... I guess I was too ambitious in thinking of building on my own.... now i am getting nervous.... Wonder if construction cost will ever come down in view of the economy today... my gut feel is cost will only continue to go up. Furthermore, i am desperate for space now coz i am living in an apartment.... haiz....
  3. Hi Guys, Need your expertise and advice! I just bought a semi-d land recently... with a 40 year old house... with plans to build a 2.5 storey house with about 4500 sq ft built in (excluding open terrace....) I know there have been many advice in this forum on the approach for rebuilding a house. I spoke with a architect before and also a about 3 design and build company. I find that quotes can be rather different based on the same requirements i have given... (eg. built in area, no of rooms/toilets, homogenous tiles for the hall and dining, wardrobes for the rooms, aircons etc). The design of the house has not been worked out yet but I am just looking for a simple, long lasting looking house... so i guess the construction cost should not differ too much. I have gotten as low as $500k for everything in to almost $750k and quotes include engineer/professional fees). Does anyone has any recommendation for design and build companies? Someone reliable? Or rather, an architect whom i can trust that will help me ensure there will be no major hiccups along the way? Hope you guys can really give me some advice....!