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  1. Hi jjk, I am also having the same issue as yours. Mine is at the MBR toilet with damp dark patches all over on the false ceiling. Have approach the person upstairs but he is just an administrator to the owner and the unit above is currently tenanted out. I have ask if he could replace my MBR toilet false ceiling as this the 2nd time seapage occurred.The first was about a year ago.He gave me a grin and said he will speak to his owner.He'd promise to rectify the leakage as I believe is the water proofing was done badly initially.The water seeps through the parti sealings on their long bath that flows down to the bottom of the floor with bad water proofing and that leads to my false ceiling whenever a shower is done above. Have sms him on this issue he just replied that his contractor has rectified the leakage.That's all and did not get back to me on whether to replace the false ceiling nor painting. Have consulted my lawyer on this but he advise that now the ruling for private appartments the above unit needs to rectify it and bear all costs.Have even heard from housing agent that such cases will be borne by the unit upstairs wholly. The 50/50 sharing no longer apply now as this only applicable 2 years ago. Maybe you have a family lawyer who could advise you on this and let me know as well. As I am also keen to know the most updated law on this matter. Regards, Angelie