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  1. aiyo, too exaggerating liao la. if i'm not wrong you booked grand plaza parkroyal, right?
  2. there were 5 groups of chinese couples mah. jordon & kelly, jac & merrilyn, andy & shirley, chris & shaine and eugene & sharon. so which one is you, Zc31? i guess j & k is you, is it? anyway, such competition didnt mean anything bcos voted through sms. as long as you asked all your relatives, family and friends to sms to vote can liao lor. 20k prizes arent cold hard cash. the 20k included wedding bands, wedding gowns etc right? Zc31, did you win eventually?
  3. ya la. as long you are happy then can liao. no need bother others. btw, which hotel you booked? i forget liao.
  4. some people said 4WD is more shiok to drive. i dont know how true bcos i havent tried yet. haha. i prefer the BMW SUV.
  5. i also think 2WD is good enough in spore but the SUV model that my hb and i like doesnt have 2WD leh. anyway, we've been eyeing on the SUV for awhile liao and decided to buy it eventually!
  6. i see. the new SUV car my hb bought is a 4 WD. i heard people said 4 WD consume more petrol, right. but i like SUV more than MPV.
  7. yup, a bit weird looking. i agreed. your bf's nissan x-trail is a 2 or 4 wheels drive? the PI toyota rush (SUV) is a 2 wheels drive.
  8. that's why better use the angbao boxes provide by the hotel. angbao boxes arent very impt la. most impt is the money inside. frankly speaking, nobody will really notice or admire the angbao boxes.
  9. i think the mattress has to be a new one (never sleep on before). ok, wedding shoes.
  10. isnt it chery car? my hb bought a SUV bcos we dont have so many people to "long bang" therefore change to SUV.
  11. my sisters and brother in laws helped out at the reception therefore they also guarded the angbao boxes for us. there were two angbao boxes at the reception (one for bride's and one for bridegroom's). some of our guests put the angbao into the boxes and some of them handled to our parents. however, eventually our parents returned the angbao to us. we were very lucky that we've siblings to help out. they helped us to usher our guests to the tables and also entertained our guests for us (too many guests liao and my hb couldnt handle alone). you've to create a list of all your guests who are confirmed to attend then pass the guests list to your helpers at the reception. the guests list must have the table numbers which you've allocated to them.
  12. erm, u already slept in your MBR liao huh. we only slept in MBR after AD. but did u sleep onto your MBR mattress too??
  13. we slept in another bedroom after we done the "an chung" in master bedroom. you can sleep in another bedroom too, right? but we went back to our parents house to stay 2 days before our AD bcos we couldnt see each other one day before AD (chinese custom). moreover, my hb had to fetch me from my mum's house in the morning. btw, have you slept onto your master bedroom mattress? we didnt sleep on master bedroom mattress until after AD. last time before our AD and we had been sleeping in another bedroom.
  14. halo LL. have you done with "an chung"?
  15. my hb had ordered a new car liao and that time he bid for the COE hadnt gone up yet.
  16. we should support support Zc31 on this thur finale. but sigh, dont know which one is him leh?
  17. i wonder the next COE bidding is how much leh? !!
  18. it will cost quite a bomb to restore, manz. i heard that govt is going to release lesser COE therefore recently COE started to go up again.
  19. haiz. i dont want to waste my breathe on some people here. waste of time. LL, let go back to your topic!
  20. ya lor. then you source again for another new pairs lor. good luck. nitez.
  21. so, you have fixed a date liao la? you wanted to buy a 4 inches tall shoes? then you can go for an exchange lor.
  22. when is your big day, LL? so happy for you, you know. we "know" each other before you ROM and until now you're going to marry soon.
  23. opps, pls dont said that otherwise "police officers" will come in for sure. my BS gave me those magazines for free.
  24. if i said liao and would "police officers" come in? just kidding la. my wedding shoes only 3 inches. my BS said i didnt have to wear too high heel as i'm tall. hey! my wedding photo is featured in blissful brides and the smart wedding diary magazines. i advertised for my BS.
  25. of course will feel good too. but if your hb can pamper you then you feel more good.