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  1. Hi, I need help... I notice this few days that my kitchen sink is draining away water much slower than before. I went to DIY shop to get a bottle of chemical to clear any possible choke. The problem seems getting better. Wondering is it still necessary to get a plumber or continue with the chemical treatment? I used to have a expensive yet bad experience with a plumber that I swear that I won't get him to do the job this time round... Anyone has any good recommendation for plumber? I called 24hr Family plumber and Sing plumber which provides free check and price range is from $60 to $100 plus and comes with 90 days warranty. I also called my town council and given a town council contractor that charge me $60 to $80. Does anyone has any comment or recommendation? Wonder is those town council contractor good? Cos their charges are usually cheaper than other plumber. Any thought on this will be appreciated. Cheers
  2. We shifted into this unit coming to 4 years. When we first shifted in, things are good. I believe over the years, the damage was done. My agent is my brother-in-law...I will try to check with him...but don't pin much hope cos it's already 4 years since the sale. Can someone kindly advice me on my repair option in the market? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am looking around for aircon servicing contractor, my friend introduce me to Coolserver. Has anyone use their service and any recommendation for aircon servicing contractor? Cheers Bernard
  4. As this is a resale house which we bought, the owner has migrated so I won't know who is the contractor...unless there is some way for me to find out. Can someone advice? I really need to fix the floor...
  5. The laminated tiles popped by itself, not sure if it's because of water. I'm weighing the cost of repair vs relay. Do you know any contractor that does both repair and relay?
  6. Hi, I noticed recently that a few pieces of laminate flooring has popped out in my common bedroom. I'm wondering what are the option for me? I am trying to avoid relaying the laminate flooring if possible. Cheers Bernard
  7. Do they provide warranty? I'm not sure...can someone advise on this warranty thingy? I am not sure of any recourse against them, you wanna eleborate?
  8. Hi Folks, I engaged Love Home in end 2006 to do some renovation to my house. I engaged ICI Dulux ($75) to do a colour scheme for my house and was given vouchers to offset the cost of purchasing the paint from ICI Dulux. I engaged Love Home to follow ICI Dulux instruction, using ICI Dulux sealant paint and wipe and wash paint for my whole house. I also engaged ICI Dulux to do lamination on my parquet flooring. Barely 1 year, about beginning 2008, I realized that dirt stain on the wall cannot be wipe clean as claimed by ICI Dulux and mould starts developing on the ceiling of toilet months after the painting (that is in 2007) I thought this is normal due to water condensation. Recently, I am engaging a contractor to do overlaying of my toilet flooring. They commented that why there is mould on the ceiling, they suspect we were either cheated by ICI Dulux or Love Home. I strongly believe we were cheated by Love Home. Sigh...
  9. I had a quote yesterday from a contractor. Overlaying 2 toilets - master bedroom and common toilets inclusive of material (homogenous tiles), hacking of bathtub in mater bedroom toilet and new kerb for both toilets, for a total of $900. Not sure if this is good deal... any comment?