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  1. Black bench we got it from Novena... think is 199 if not mistaken... Gotten the PS3 already.. its a black one though... now enjoying Little Big Planet.. (PS: Didn't get it from Sitex, don't think the offer there is really that amazing...)
  2. IIRC they charge by the rail, think per rail is about 150-200.. you can ask around the shops for actual quote as they would normally charge more if you do not buy the curtain from them ya.. but as of now we are juz looking at more furnishing less of renovation... this is up on the shopping list..
  3. there's quite a bit of flaws.. just that we are choosing to ignore it for the time being... budget constraint.. once we save up enough then will start on the touch up process..
  4. we got the painting from Marina Square at about 300 but the shop is no longer there already..
  5. well, we din have a contractor cuz we din do any reno mah..
  6. the string curtain is about $200 from Marina Square (near the Pan Pac linkway) not including installation... the bracket mounting is an additional of about almost 200 there are cheaper alternatives at Geylang we realised (about 50bux) only after getting it... (mounting not included though) The difference according the the curtain people is that the more expensive one are fire retardant... (but if you don't intend to set your house ablaze, there shouldn't be any difference ; there are a lot of flammable items where carpentry is concerned )
  7. SPAM CHOP! congrats on the new place... 90k for reno i see a few similar items in the drawings with what we are having at our place... the dining chairs... in different color and the wall painting..
  8. do take note of the construction of the sofa... it does affect alot on the pricing and eventually the durability. happy shopping
  9. We got the sofa from Furniture Mall. The shop is one of the few shops under St Louis or also known as Ritz Raymen selling this sofa. You can probably see the same sofa at IMM or Choa Chu Kang industrial area (warehouse) under the name St Louis. We went to lots of furniture shop and this was the sofa that we really liked. One of the main reason was that the construction of the sofa is very sturdy unlike those that are very cheap but the back part of the sofa is actually a hollow frame. This comes with a board covering the back. The seat itself also doesn't sag after prolonged sitting. We paid about 2k for the sofa itself. We bought it at Tanjong Katong shopping center/complex at one of the malay store at level 3 for less than 300 bux. Is on promotion then and we have a very difficult bargain on this. same carpet selling in other part of geylang at $450
  10. actually i configured the blog to show all posts in 1 page already... you want to try taking a look again?
  11. found out the problem with the archive thingy in the blog.. it seems to be only visible when viewed in Firefox, IE got problem.. taken from the blog
  12. juz sorted out the blog le... maybe you can try again? let me know again if it doesn't work, thanks!
  13. Thanks! Haha.. the blog shows the latest posts first.. so a bit anti-climax... *Hi-5* spent quite a lot on the collection
  14. Hi all, after many months of lurking in this forum, we decided to do a post on our small little house in Sengkang. It's a resale flat we bought during the peak of the property boom. We've decided on the unit quite instantly after numerous viewing. It was one that fits our needs and wants quite closely and the stuff in the house was quite well maintained. This is what you can call a love at first sight. Strictly speaking we did not have any renovation works done in the house except painting it ourselves. It was move-in condition already. Maybe we'll be considering some upgrades in future. Ok, enough of the the grandfather story... Here's where we stay: Here's a more detailed documentation in our house blog: http://casadeeeyore.blogspot.com/ As you all can see, we're quite obsessed with Eeyores (but the baby one only) Here's the original floorplan before the hacking