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  1. Hi, Would anyone recommend a bifold door for old 3 room HDB, between kitchen and living room? Currently door is arch shaped,and wonder if still can do a bi-fold door. the purpose is to keep aircon within living room. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for speedy reply... I cant rem the "loading spec"..probably have to go down to check again..;p My concern is the plastic holder at the side of door (for small items, eggs, drinks). It's rather soft and "flexible", cos I can easily bend!!!! Is this gd or bad? The other concern is the veg compartment drawer, again quite thin and "soft".. Any Toshiba user have similar expeience? Will it "hardern" over time? Many thanks!
  3. Hihi I am considering Toshiba GRRG46 , but I find the inner shelf and the veg compartment is rather soft and thin compared to other brands.. Do you have similar experience? The salegirl said okay, but i would like to seek 2nd opinion. We tend to load the fridge with bottled drinks and fruits (heavy) stuff... Pls advice. Thanks!!
  4. Hi Mr Chong, May I seek your advice please? Can we hang the huge wedding photo on the wall opposite the main door, together with TV and wall mount pendulum clock? Or is it better to hang it above TV?? POSITION : a) Assume standing at door looking in. b) This wall (let's call this wall X) is directly opposite (you can see TV, clock and proposed photo once you step in). c) There is windows on right side of wall X. d) Afternoon sun will shine in through these windows. So not practical to put photo on wall on same side as door (ie opposite of wall X) Many thanks!! =)
  5. Hi, Anyone had custom-made a bed that come with drawer? Pls share and/or contact me. Is this better than buying from retail? or any points to look out? Durable? Thanks. Cheers,
  6. Sharing my experience.. SHARP is good (if made in Japan) and expensive (LOL). Had been using the one bought during SARs time, still working, except the need to change the PEPA filter that cost a bomb! Maintenance was easy, just vacuum the external filter. Honeywell is noisy but effective. Bought it cos the salesperson said it's used in local hospital. Pros - No need to change the filter (as advice by salesperson), but I occasionally took out to brush away the trapped dust... Cannot believe no maintenance at all..
  7. Or Maple Design? They are under the Novena Furniture, same builings. Would someone pls share your experience? Many Thanks.
  8. Anyone engage one before to detect and eliminate termite? Are they effectively? Thanks.
  9. Hi, Would some one pls share what' s typical questions to prepare to ask Master on first site visit? Thanks