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  1. Black tempered glass dining table from Furniture Club. Super solid table. Come view to understand what I mean. In superb condition as seldom use and covered in transparent plastic sheet. Size: 180 x 90 cm No chairs, table only. Selling for $450 negotiable. Self collection. (pics borrowed from the net)
  2. fast? a few more days and i will take exactly 3 months lei...
  3. polish marble is priceless.. courtesy of my parents i didn't install any aircon at the hall cause my place is quite windy and i have a ceiling fan installed. floor lamp maybe.. have to go look see look see first.. hi beany, from my knowledge, there are no way to remove these deep scratches cause polishing/grinding only remove scratches on the surface. these are scratches deep within the marble liao. i think the easiest way to rectify is to use a rag or carpet to cover it ba.. if not then have to change that piece of tile and regrind that area..
  4. Updates Before i forget... common bathroom and study room.. Common bathroom... Another view... Study cum entertainment room...
  5. Updates Our dining tables and chairs... Another view.... Closeup on our sofa... Kopi table.....
  6. Updates Some final pics of the handover house. Decided to take a break and not do anything during the 7th month. So wont be posting any more pics until after lunar 7th month where we will start to finish doing up the house. That's when we will do up curtains, blinds, decals, carpets and hang art pieces on some of the walls.. Finished living room... With our sofa, ottoman, coffee table and tv! Another view... Another view... TV console and tv...
  7. thanks for the compliments. got the same design but customized a bit. somehow i feel that the gate is a bit too 'heavy'(as in too much metal liao). maybe it's because i have a small width for my gate. i guess it would definitely look better if the gate is wider.