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  1. hi biglobang, thank you for the info. I will contact you later.
  2. Hi you can contact me leongwm2006@gmail.com Can you share what type of storage heater works you have been doing?
  3. Any recommendation of contractor to do replacement of existing heater storage tank? Current storage tank is leaking, it is the horizontal type. Thanks.
  4. hi Aosbath, My current storage tank is leaking,do you do replacement of tank? I have 3 people in the house, current tank is a horizontal 80L i think it is too big for a max 5 mins shower for each person. Which digital water heater or heat pump will you recommend? Thanks.
  5. Need more space at home, give away 4 cushions, thick and solid 6kg filled with cotton. A bit discolored due to expose to sunlight from the window. 60cm x 55cm x 15cm . Location: CCK