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  1. I guess need to rinise it down after each use. Anyway I only intend to use it as a soaking tub...so should be quite easy to maintain.
  2. Finally the balcony blind is up. Cant wait to enjoy my coffee and relaxing at the balcony
  3. My taobao dining table. Pretty solida and good condition....except for some small stratches underneath the console and 1 uneven leg...but these are small issues....
  4. Thanks...generally looks nice, but on closer look, theres a lot of details that just not good....hai...
  5. The mbr toilet...the small bathtub from the glass panel.... 3D design Actual outcome......
  6. My grey feature wall...among all the whites.. (door to the common WC toilet)
  7. went to take a look at the sanitary fittings done yesterday..... The taobao mirror and tap....sink is from Adamas and towel rack/hock from ikea...nice...i like the black contrast with the white... Now the not so nice stuff..... The rainshower holder is tilted inwards...this is because the set was not meant for exposed piping...so the exposed mixer brackets added to the width of the mixer and wall, resulting in the holder having to bend inwards in order for it to be mounted onto the wall. Sign.....its my fault for not looking properly before buying....as this is a taobao purchase...there is little i can do..either get a new set locally or live with it..... 2nd booboo.....the tap is too big for my small sink....the water is spraying at the edge of the sink...as this is a pulled out tap, either i could leave the tap hanging out, looking directly into the sink or change a new set....guess i will opt for the latter...this is a very nice tap....*sob sob*...again another taobao buy without careful thinking.
  8. assembled my airplane chair over the last weekend.... my comments: - chair itself is quite sturdy - assembly instruction from seller not clear...the picture provided too small to make out head and tail - the seat and back cushion installation not ideal. Seat can be attached via screws..but quite difficult to locate the screw holes on the cushion during installation - the worst is the back cushion, its not attached via screw...what the seller provide was only "X" screws to be attached to the backrest, then "hooked" the back cushion onto the "X" screw....so in order to do so, cannot turn the "X" screw all the way in...also, the "holder" on the back cushion was cut out dent only.....so when i tried to hang, the back got scratched everal times as its diffuclt to align and hang properly. Oh well, for the price I paid...what am I expecting right...hopefully it can last for 6 months...alternatively, can do my own upholster in the future.
  9. Here you go... http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=18454426325&spm=a1z09.5.0.0.Jmr1Lu
  10. But on a closer look...the planks looked old and quality are bad....some pics of the underside.... Not acceptable for the cost of this set of pole system....complained to my ID and she said she will look into it... Hopefully something can be done....
  11. Went shopping yesterday at mustafa....see my trolley of purchases.... Samsung led tv for dad, cordless kettle, induction hotplate for the dry kitchen, dehumidifier for the mbr walk in closet......
  12. Removed the old door peephole and installed my new door viewer...no more peeping thru the small hole :)
  13. Hi, its part of the reno package..but i think my ID quoted me like $330 per nyatoh solid door, and $180 per frame
  14. another purchase from taobao... Some minor defects noted....rough edges....botched paintworks.... Anyway small issue for the price paid...also this goes into mbr toilet...so its ok.
  15. The taobao dinning tables and chairs....haha The table is really solid....very heavy and I was installing it myself and lifting it up to put it in place...installation is easy as just need to secure the legs (alien key) to the top.... The chairs is another story..looks easy but I spent a long time before figuring out how to do it...once the first chair was done, the rest was easy until the last chair, which is the black chair....after putting all together, the chair wobble....so ended up dismantle it again and try to figure out why...at the end, i did not connect 1 of the cross bar as it caused one of the leg to misalighed..so i left it out and still the chair is stable...hahah...doesnt matter lar..no one will notice...just ensure that no heavy weight (like my maid) sit on that piece....
  16. Finally, able to unwarpped my taobao loots!! My mbr bathroom mirror.....came in good condition..... The butterfly stools....a little chipped off for the light colour stool, but not really noticable...downside...spent quite a while figuring how to install the connecting bar...still not really tighten yet as the outer screw is like a flat cover, no screw lines..but the inner screw is a "X" screw...so no matter how hard I tried to tightedn the "X" screw, the outer screw turn with it....must find something to hold it.... Next, the coffee table....came in good condition too...the table top is glossy white and heavy..nice..
  17. nope, i think they are aluminium
  18. Common bedrooms Cabinet in the common wc....haha..seems too big...my mistake for not stating the depth properly....
  19. Carpentry works completed..... Storeroom behind the brown panels.....open w tic tac door....on the left is shoe cabinet Dry kitchen cabinet...pending counter top and oven....
  20. They quoted me without asking me what i want to shift. Only said 1 lorry is $320, if more than 1 lorry, depends on trips and charge accordingly. Acutally I have quite a no of things to move.... 1) 2 single bed + mattresses 2) Fridge & wine chiller & massage chair 3) 3 flat screen tvs 4) 1 bedside table 5) 3 standing fans 6) boxes and ali baba bags many many (but these i can move some myself)... I ever used Movers_101 before few yrs back...much lesser stuff than above..charge me $250..but they broke my standing fan and i deducted $50 from the amt.... Thought of supporting Helping Hand, since they are running it for a good cause. Dun mind if its slightly more expensive, but then their customer service can improve a little lor....abit unsecure with the possibilities.... keep my finger crossed.
  21. Arranged for moving services...engaged The Helping Hand...seems quite recommended in the forum...quote is $320 per lorry and charge based on depends on how many trips.....asked if they need to assess what i need to move, the person in charge, Mr. Richard said no need, will depend on the number of trip on that day and charge accordingly. Hmmm....also their dismantle and assembly services varies....he said depend on whether is it a difficult task and if takes longer than 10mins...then need to charge $20-$$30... Not too sure if i made the right choice with engaging the helping hand...seems like a lot of possibilities...also no need to reconfirm appt...hope they remember to turn up.......