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  1. I like your toilet too....very special design....
  2. Yeah,no budget for kitchen cabinets yet.So have to bear with it now.Yeah,the sofa rather comfort,we are happy with it.
  3. My purchase from Living Vision (Bad review,b careful)
  4. Hi All, Need your advice here.I just bought a 3m x 3m string curtain.However,after i measured the wall,i only need abt 2m width.Can i cut the string curtain to make it become 2m width?I am afraid after cut all the string will come out. Thanks
  5. I bought **** Vision at Belestier Point.I think is about 6 ft.But their service is very bad.If you wan to buy from them better be careful.
  6. Bought this celing light in JB at RM140.
  7. Here is the photo with 2 downlights on - Living Room
  8. Common Room light need some patch up
  9. Master Bedroom Lights $60 from lightings.com.sg
  10. Have 2 downlights forget to on while take pics....
  11. View from living room Those round ceiling lights at the kitchen i bought at www.lightings.com.sg at $46 each
  12. Close up view for my favaourite dining light at RM260.00