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  1. hai now i super super sian. Dont know whether consulting FSM is a good choice. Now my FSM said house no good. not recommended to buy. Another FSM said can rectify. Now I'm banging wall whether seeing a FSM is good or bad. So many schools of thought. Anyone can say anything be it in classical feng shui. ARGH!
  2. i think is mine cooking skill sucks. When cook, whole area including floor also oily. When my master, my mum cooks, I can't even feel oily even she fried the food. She said the technique is to use small fire and my mum's house doesn't have a hood for the past 20 years.
  3. ryooki, same lor ... I will just be happy with what I have paid little_fish, wah good view leh! sure windy! Flooring is a long term investment. Better do if you dont like it. you guys also have balcony right? Do you level it or keep it? Thinking of leveling it to make more space else may want to plant some bamboo How about HPS? I'm going for pte after some research.
  4. yah lor little fish, how you manage to get it at 15K? Its a healthy COV! When did you all exercise OTP? Jan/Feb 2010? Mine valuation report is around Feb (after CNY), Valuation is 435K + 35K! Guess I have become the stupidest buyer in Sembawang liao Out of curious, is this your first time buying flat? I'm a first timer myself. My house quite nicely done up. At least for the flooring. Only need to touch up and renovate the entire kitchen + toilets as I don't like it. Est cost will be around 20 - 25K.
  5. I see. how much COV did you pay for yours? I'm just wondering if i overpaid
  6. yah staying @ yishun now. can't find a decent EM/EA in Yishun that is near khatib mrt. Anyway both our families are @ yishun and sembawang so it doesn't really matter lah reno ah... haven't really research on that area yet. cause of my another half is flying 50% for work, i guess my reno work will start end of this year. moving in next yr june you leh? before you OTP, got get your FSM to screen before you place deposit?
  7. yah 50x is smaller by 10sqm. I was considering 33x and 50x. 33x is cheaper than 50x by 15K in valuation. I decided to go for 50x in favour for 1) 33x nearby is a secondary school. 507x, beside my block is wellington pri sch. 2mins from home to school. 2) Kopitiam at 50x is nicer than the 33x one but stores do change over a period of time. 3) In term of fengshui, the layout at 50x is slightly better. Master bedroom toilet doesn't face the bed, common toilet is at the kitchen, main door doesn't face the living room etc etc. Strictly it is my personal opinion. 4) Owner at 33x refuse to give in at 35K COV. They are looking at 40K STRICTLY not even 1-2K less. But whatever it is, food @ yishun is nicer no fight at all. I foresee myself driving back to yishun on weekends for most of my meals.
  8. ryooki, Don't mind me asking. Is it 332? Can PM me if it is 332 I bought mine at 50x wellington circle.
  9. +1 Bought an EA @ Sembawang. Just signed OTP