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  1. sorry for the late reply ppl archenemy, yeap it is a 5room flat hafiizh, thanks! I found lamintak laminates to be "smoother" than others. I like their laminates quite a lot marshmallow, yeah initially thought so as well but the cost to wire the speaker to my study room is not cheap. Therefore, decided to move over my 32" lcd from my parents place to save cost haha darkchocs, yeah i love this sofa alot! Waited for like 3 months for it as its difficult to ship in. It is Myanmar teak wood which is nicer than indonesia teak IMO. I got it from a nice lady at asiawood. If you are interested, order early as shipment is often delayed. footprint, thanks! toilet is nice but dont know why they took the picture of my MBR toilet instead of the Common toilet which I feel its nicer. Yeah the tiles do look dark but it blended into my whole design so decided to keep it. Most chinese prefer brighter kitchen though
  2. Hi, The soft close and hinge is Samsung IREX. Korea brand. Singapore distributor is Excel hardware. Each cost about $4 - $4.50. I cant remember the pricing. http://www.excelhw.com.sg/
  3. kristernM, Thanks for your comments seems like you can look through the detail The false ceiling is what we wanted as we don't want the ceiling to be too narrow in width thus giving a feeling of "pressure" that's why all the rooms have the same design of slightly protruding out which overall is fine with me. Bamboo vs aluminum pole. bamboo stick cost me $1 each and aluminum cost $10? Bamboo is lighter and can last very long. Design wise may not be as pleasing as compare to aluminum but can live with it. Kitchen did look abit dark. We try and match with a lighter color before but wasn't what we wanted and reverted back to darker kitchen. Was causing abit of concern initially but after living in there for the past couple of months, it wasn't as bad as what we thought.
  4. archenemy, photos not taken by me I'm just a PnS user Photos taken by someone else yeap we have a round balcony thats why
  5. Initially wanted to blog down the whole journey of my renovation progress but as usual procrastination and commitment in life didn't make it a reality. Just a quick summarize, when we bought this house, we are looking at the structure of the house as we have the intention to tear down everything so the existing design doesn't matter. We spent about 2 months after OTP looking for contractors. We only went for 5 contractors/IDs as we didn't want to go islandwide searching for one. Too time consuming and hate to repeat again and again. Our main criteria is we will prepare what we want for example, measurements of our shortlisted furniture, put everything in a word document with all detail covered. The contractor/ID who listen and incorporate our needs into reality will secure the deal. After shortlisting the contractor, we spent another 5 months of communicating of our needs, quotation, negotiation and design planning. The whole idea is select one contractor/ID early as from what we learnt from others mistake is problem arise when there is a miscommunication of information to the contractor and then to the sub contractor. I can't say I'm 100% but I think i manage to hit about 90%. Things like hinges were overlook. Nothing serious which I cant live with it. We started our renovation sometime in October 2010 and completed after Christmas which is about 11 weeks long. We spent slightly longer time is due to carpenter schedule. We requested for a old timer and have very good skill with carpentry. Waiting time is about 2 weeks+. And here is the final product.
  6. sfk7, Wow! I like the design of the house. Very well done! The feel, the furniture are all carefully selected I bet.
  7. this post is kinda late but no harm posting why so worry about contra case? Let's put it this way, when you buy a house from a seller, the seller will need to buy a place for himself as well same goes to the house owner that he will be buying. Contra case is slightly time tricky and all these are the agent job to act as point of lasing to ensure all the paperwork and communication is done properly. Most of the time we heard horrible story about contra case is because of agent that mis-communicate the whole scenario. Over promise, under deliver. If you urgently need a flat, don't go for contra as things normally will drag a little. I was involve in a 3 party contra case and all is done properly and expectation of 3 parties are well managed.
  8. mine in as well Lighting - urs $40, LADY_R $30, csingeu $33, marshmallow $30 Dr.Anarchy $38 13A SSO (1 gang) - urs $90, LADY_R $50, csingeu $35, marshmallow $55 Dr.Anarchy $70 (non loop) 13A SSO (2gang) - urs $120, LADY_R $70 , csingeu $50, marshmallow $65 Dr.Anarchy $70 (non loop) SCV - urs $120, LADY_R $100, csingeu $95, marshmallow $90 Dr.Anarchy $30 (Labour only) Tel - urs $80, LADY_R $40, csingeu $45, marshmallow $40 Dr.Anarchy $25 (labour only) Heater point - urs $120, LADY_R $90 , csingeu $85, marshmallow $110 Dr.Anarchy $85 nice layout to play with!
  9. wah jaskel your house's reno materials look very unique lah! HDB somemore! Doesn't the LED replacement cost more and per led is 1w so just to power the lights is going to be in the region of 200 - 300w? Kitchen tiles are very nice! $11psf is really ex no joke man! I wanted something like that during my reno but after calculating the cost, totally blow me off, decided to stick to china tiles which cost me about $4.50.
  10. bro, remember to get the E version. Boxing etc looks the same. Look at the model that ends with E which will be the latest model at $10 - $15
  11. new_home_maker, I thought so as well. Someone did post that QS is a premium board but when come to our local distributor, it is pretty disaster. So how was your problem resolved?
  12. bluefrog, I have a 25L tank, 25E model (energy saving etc etc). The retainion of the heat is fantastic. Almost functioning like instant heater. For example, I bathe at 7pm and next morning I bathe at 7am without waiting for the tank to be fully heated, I still have supply of warm water. But heat is a very individual feeling. It depends on the distance of your storage tank to your MBR, the age of the tank, the type of piping used. 25l is definitely sufficient. I suspect your tank's heating element may be faulty and it should still be covered under warranty. Time to dig out your warranty card and see how well is Joven's aftersales customer service
  13. $60 for each downlight? Wah no joke man! Is it using E27 bulb?
  14. I own a ysp4000 bought like 2 years back. I use it for my MBR. If you are shopping for a sound bar, please take note that it need walls to reflect the surround sound to where you are sitting. It is ideal if you are in a square room with 4 walls surrounding you but if you are thinking of putting it in the living room, seriously it sounds like crap. The space of a living room is too big for the sound to reflect. You are better off with a basic 5.1.
  15. I'm good, quite busy with the renovation and moving in, in 2 weeks time. Whole renovation took me 10 weeks though. Same here, I chose Corian, white as they having a promotion for year 2010. Slightly better pricing. SS can use magic clean? i will go and grab one later haha My island is SS, sink area is granite so should be slightly better Bishan is a good area, stay there for awhile till pocket is deep enough to move to a semi.
  16. lachesis, wah finally its done and settled in. Cool! I saw that you are using white solid surface for your kitchen top. Is it Corian or LG? Using white isn't it very difficult to maintain? The toilets are fantastic! Nice tiles and good mix. Total renovation cost + hidden cost must have bomb your pocket deeply haha Good job Mr Jason!
  17. Get the new green joven heater. JH25 is the older one. JH25HE or JH25E is the green water heater. It is hard to differentiate them, so look at the serial number it should end with E or HE can't remember. price wise, both the same. More info here http://www.jovenelectric.com/greenwaterheater.html
  18. Zingwalker, E27 bulb like the genie doesn't consume 10W just for the built in ballast. 14W that is. Anyway what the guy who demo is those modified type one use for ceiling lights I guess? philips isn't the only one selling, all lightings shop do sell E27 fitted downlights. pckee, yes tube is the same but do take a look at the finishing, it is using cement type not expose. I remember someone post something that if you are getting downlights, don't get those wire exposed ones. Got more budget get philips lor, tight budget get those oem one lor since all made in china
  19. pckee, yeap im aware of that. I did self collection as I drive so I suggest if you want to save some moola, ask your friend or family for help. Buy them dinner is more worth it then paying $18. dexufto, good post! Hopefully new owners who are considering to go LED or T5, will understand that saving is not huge enough to justify LED today. I will say give the technology more time to mature and settle in our market first. In technology, never go in first, prefabably almost mature and around the next level of tehcnology is out. This is when the price is affordable and most consumers are using it already.
  20. LED strip may not be very feasible as each led on the strip is 1W, if you have a 4feet, how much W already. I spoke to one LED distributor locally and he said T5 is already consider very energy saving and easily replaceable when it blown up but when one bulb in LED is faulty, you will have a shadow patch and you can't replace bulb by bulb mah Furthermore painful process if it is hidden inside your false ceiling. As for T5, just turn and twist, put in a new one, case closed. Many times we consider LED to be better but seriously it is only good for shopping malls, hotels, places that turn on 24/7. For our home, E27 and T5 is good enough. My recommendation, buy something that the spare parts are easy to locate.
  21. PLC light is E27 lights that have ballast built in. To make it simple, fickle free. CFL is those lights that you turn on will fickle a few times one lor yeap those selling at philips are PLC one. Most use E27 or T5 round type. As for T5 tube, i msg you in private lah
  22. QS do have their own side skirting same color but locally they aren't bringing in and bundle to sell to the consumer cause the skirting are too expensive. When you do your laminate, buying original skirting will cost you almost the same price as your laminate! Bobiang lor to save some cost, local distributor use china skirting Unless you are rich then get them to order original skirting for you What the salesman meant is original trim not skirting. titanax and myself all have original trim but china skirting.
  23. oinkoink1999, yeah initially when i was shopping for downlights, i know that almost all stocks locally comes from one place. China but since I'm going to pay almost the same price as what philips offer, might as well go for philips. At least got some degree of QA. Sadly for all philips downlights, only lightings.com.sg carries them as they import them in from Philips China, Shenzhen. You can't find philips downlight sold in their showroom nor at bukit timah. This information is accurate at the point of posting hor. Got it at the listed price, $38 each lor but I think is a decent price to pay as what my contractor agreed as well. I bought all my lights from philips showroom leh at bukit timah when they have a sales except my dining table light. The price is almost the same as those sold at balestier (after discount). I didn't go for eco mood lah too expensive le just the room styler series. For lights I prefer simple and philips lights suit my overall theme Most importantly all of my bulb is E27 hahaha so when my wife needs to buy and change herself when I'm outstation, its easy for her! Sidetrack abit, for those who have covelights, get the philips T5 holder at their showroom, bukit timah, quality is good!
  24. same thoughts. I got all my downlights from philips. 19x of 306. E27 the bulb itself comes with built in ballast. It is not modify and refix into the downlight as what you see those kitchen/bedroom lights sold.