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  1. Hi I was shifting a fridge when I scratched my tile quite badly.. The worse part is it happened in the hall. Is there anyway to touchup the tile or I have to change it? FYI it's those white tiles in fernvale flats
  2. so what would you recommend bro ? for speakers and a sub? when i listened to my frd's mirage speakers it sounded decent enuff for me..maybe i am not a hardcore audiophile i guess
  3. not too much la... haha i am guessing abt 500 incl.decent wires? is it enuff to get something decent? does rear surround speaker need to be tokkong ant? or a decent one will do? i was actually thinking of buying a cerwin vega woofer and doing a custom job for the woofer. any ideas?
  4. hi, i need some help on choosing a set of rear surround speakers and a sub. i got a rx-v359 yamaha avm and a pair of mirage omisat v2 satellite and a omni center speaker. this setup will be in a masterbed room. the room is longish and has a king size bed which is taking abt half the space of the room. so roughly the room is abt 2 king sized beds length wise. thanks in advance guys!
  5. wow thanks for all the replies guys!!! will go down this weekend... yippe! downlightforyou: how much is yr 35l with energy saving?
  6. where is a good place to get one with a good price ? thanks!
  7. hi MTlot, is it possible to pm me his address/contact?