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  1. Hope everything goes well to you and your hubby.
  2. ksw

    Hi Jaskel I would like to get a quotation fr u for my 5rm resale flat..cn I pm u my floor plan??

  3. I send you a PM. Pls check. Thanks

  4. Hi there, Welcome to T-blog! Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  5. Hmmm....Andy while still in Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd, I have no problem with him doing some of my house owners QuickStep laminate flooring. But I started to worry when he used another company to deal with me when I ordered Quickstep laminate flooring with him again this year April. I sensed that he always in need of money and wanted cash payment instead of cheque so dealing with him is I pay 50% when I see the goods deliver and 50% upon completion and rectification if any. As of now, think best is not to get his service anymore even tot QuickStep laminate is still a good quality laminate flooring, Im sure is better to approach someone that are more trustworthy in real doing an honest business or services.
  6. Hi there! Welcome to T-blog~ Have a a smooth sailing Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  7. Hello~ Welcome to T-blog! Nice 3room you've found~ Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  8. Hi there, Welcome to T-blog~ Happy renovation~ Cheers , Jaskel
  9. Hi there, Welcome to T-blog~ Happy Renovation! , Jaskel
  10. Hi Sunsetsky, Welcome to T-blog, Happy Renovation~ Cheers , Jaskel
  11. I think the ID they engaged might be ard 60 or 70 yrs old
  12. When watertown had completed, think the value of the flat will increase too. near to punggol plaza, Mac, NTUC, wet market, mins to KPE,TPE, etc..lol, I talked like a property agents
  13. I got the key holder at ebay