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  1. i dont really go up to the house and check the renovation =x living room color: master bed room color: bed room 3: bed room 2:
  2. renovation started.. hacking etc.. but no chance to go in and take photo...
  3. my fengshui master also say its okay to start before chinese 7 mth and during the period it is ok to do renovation. BUT cannot move in during 7mth.. should be after.
  4. Location at Hougang Ave 4 near IMH
  5. The 3D design propose 2: Living room: Kitchen Design 1: Kitchen Design 2: Masterbed Room : MasterBed room Toilet:
  6. The 3D design propose 1 Design 1 for living room: Design 2 for living room: Kitchen: Master bed Room Master bed room toilet
  7. The Air con trunking in the toilet Bed room 2 Bed Room 3 Renovation will start on next monday 30/7/2012....
  8. Service Balcony Common toilet Masterbed Room
  9. Hi All, After being a "casper" in here for months, finally i can start a topic of my 4A resale at Hougang. Here is my floor plan. First half of the living room Second half of the living room entering the kitchen The kitchen
  10. I m lucky to have mr k as my ID.. Yes the company Is get registered...
  11. Hi I'm looking for ceiling fan with lights.. 5 pcs... 2 for living room 3 for bed room..

    Last time I use to use kdk ceiling fan but kdk doesn't have fan with lights.

    Care to recommend me or do u have a shop? I will make my way down to take a look.

  12. My goodness.. Really mover from ****... Thank god I got this knt movers (s) pte ltd..he send me 30over boxes move tv console,sofa,2computer chairs, 1 computer table, 2 tv etc... They charge me $$300. Service excellent..
  13. I looking for fan with lights,,, 3 for bedroom 2 for living room.. Try Tom u but MSG can't send ...