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  1. Hi Surely18, I guess might be some misunderstand are going on there. My father in law, colleague and my own flats were renovated by Kevin, and I would say, none of us found any disappointment with him. Don’t be worry, you are rest assured and will not be regretted to meet him. For your case, perhaps, he thought you have completely provided all information to him, and he don’t wanna occupy too much of your time. Also, as an owner, we always have alots of idea in our mind, and most of time I forgot to inform Kevin during our meeting too, hahaha… I always give him a call or message him, he always respond to you asap. Of course, after a few meetings with Kevin, I learnt to write down all the points/ideas in paper, before call or meet him, in case I forgot my idea again, it works well…..hahahhaha J One more points to add, as an owner, we very worry after full payment, we can’t be contacted our ID come back to rectify/touch up some the works. But, Kevin always responsive to our requests, help arranging his team to rectify some touch up works for us….. Honestly, we found secure and appreciate his good after-sales services. Please note that I don’t have any business interests with Ideal House or Kelvin, I am just one of client from Ideal House, should you need any information or clarification, please feel free to PM me. Wish you have good renovation experience ahead. J
  2. We have just completed our 4 room renovation journey in Aug’ 2014, and I would say we are so lucky found Kevin Yap (Ideal House) to be our ID. Same as most of the comments above, he is a patient, highly responsible and best listener to accommodate our “Crazy” idea (if I were him, I dare not to take up this project During the renovation journey, although not all works are "Perfectly" done since most of the works are hand made, surely all the workmanship are above satisfactory level. And, some of the minor issues were quick rectified by Kevin, we found less worries with his best after-sales services. As mentioned earlier – Crazy idea, after meet up and discuss with Kevin, he pleased to take the challenge helping us to install fiber optic for us in our living room, although the installation process is a hard works, Kevin manage to find his best team to complete the job for us. To this, we must give Kevin our special thanks, we are very satisfy with his renovation works, needless to say of our "Crazy project" (fiber optic ceiling) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BybecKE7T_VmUGppRW9wSHlzMlU/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi Shockwave, May I check with you how much you paid for your Rinnai Chimney Cooker Hood RH-C759-SB and Rinnai 3 Burner Built-in Glass Hob RB-3CG, and do you have the contact of the sales person? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing your reno. experiences here, i learnt a lots from your T-Blog and collected lots of information especially those vendors contact. Btw,your house look really nice, well done.
  5. hi ivy, can share with me your bad list. Thanks
  6. Hi Ivy, can share me your bad FSM listing? Thanks in advance.
  7. hi same as renoweekender, can anyone pm me Carols contact? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All, Need your advice and recommendations. I am planning to install Fiber Optic in my rooms to create the star ceiling feel ( ). I would appreciate if anyone can provide contact information of local contractor who experience in installing fiber optic ceiling. Alternatively, is anyone knows where can I find PMMA Fiber Optic and LED illuminator/Metal Halide Illuminator in Singapore? I have been searching at SL Square & Tower seem no one is supplying Fiber Optic product except for Fiber Optic broadband cable. Thanks in advance. Regards, SC