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  1. For couple or single pax. Common room for rent at yishun emerald condo. i am looking at least 1 year. pls contact my friend at 92700867 as she is helping me.
  2. U have to work out ur sums. Not sure what is your age though.. . If finances are good for you, you have extra cash on hand that can be left in the bank for the miserable interest...then I would suggest buy a 2nd property to invest.
  3. hi bepgof.. wat do u mean? CAn u clarify more.. Hmmn guys, I bought one unit at Flo residence. But not sure if i will be staying or renting out yet. I took up UOB loan though.. Hopefully the prices thr will go up up up..
  4. Ya nothing much to take note except for the ethic group. But it change every month, so be sure to check under hdb website if u are not using an agent. Indian house are usually quite colourful eh...
  5. There are too many agents around and definitetly there are some bad sheeps ard. I have met one who is **** cocky because of his high position i guess. Who insisted to collect 3% comm from me and claimed he can sell my house at the highest cov. From seller point of view, of course we want to sell higher From buying side, yet the COV is killing us... But i m still lucky to meet a nice agent when i am frantically looking for a house, and finally manged to grab one with the lady help. As the stupid agent who sold my house, dun bother abt me after he sold my house! I really regret giving him 2%. Haha gd luck dreamzgal.
  6. Hi All; Scratch removal is also available for Vehicles, Shops, Buildings, residential .$90 & above. Repair is available at any location, from Monday-Sunday. 100% Restored. Please Call: 9008 4735 @ for MR NG URL: http://www.wix.com/thiamchye80/home
  7. Hi all, pls comment. Is it a good buy? There are about 7-8 new projects in punggol.... hmnnn.
  8. Based on your floor plan, you must take from the main door direction. You must stand inside the house and face the main door direction. Hope this helps
  9. I will recommend my agent, 91442664 She had helped me sold both my hdb and pte properties.Gd luck.
  10. For me, I have always stick on to using my agent to save me all the hassle of answering calls and answering so many queries from prospective tenants. Unless u are super free to entertain all calls, arranging them to view your house and preparing all the paper works. I am glad for her gd service and hard work and is willing to pay her her deserved commission. It will be 0.5mnths for 1 year lease and 1 mtnh comm for 2yrs lease. Nowadays tenants are getting more fussy and have lots of request. Gd luck
  11. Hi all, like to share this new lobang. Just did up something like a protection coat on my bathroom shower screen by this guy, Mr Ng. http://www.wix.com/thiamchye80/home Now my shower screen is clean and water repellent... Lesser hassle in cleaning and washing everyday!! If any of u tried as well, pls let me know ur feedback too. I am thinking of doing it for my balcony window, but it is a big piece. Btw, paid $250 for my shower screen coating, can last up to 2-3 yrs..... I dun have to wash and clean everyday now, phew!
  12. can i have Mdm Ho number?? how much will it cost roughly?? can i do those stick on kind?
  13. Hi, sorry to hear that. My advise will be, sit down and talk to them nicely again. We tend to have unhappiness with the contractor.. i also argue with my contractor many times over diff issues!! Like what everyone has said. better dun pay them all till they complete all the reno in ur hse. Talk to them about solutions.. things will work out.. dun worry too much
  14. Hi, i would suggest u rent out the whole unit as u bought it at a good price and monthly maintenance is low. Unless u would need the additional cash for business or other investment, then u can consider selling it off. If u need more assistance, i be glad to help u. can pm me Cheers, trish.tt27@gmail.com