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  1. Hi everyone Please pardon my ignorance and I feel kinda silly asking this question... What IF one cannot enter the house because of some faulty mechanism? I heard that to get a locksmith may costs a couple of hundred dollars. But money aside I can't imagine if it happens like late at night. Are there any digital lock that has a key or something just in case...?? Also can the digital lock be dismantled (e.g. if I shift house). Appreciate if someone can shed some light and perhaps recommend me some models. Thank you
  2. Hi zombsta I'm about to reno my bathrooms too. Since I'm living in the unit, I'm choosing to overlay the tiles because hacking is just too messy! Also saves time and some money. If you are changing the toilet bowls, washbasin, shower, etc then of course you got to factor in the costs of these. The choice of tiles, rewiring, etc will also affect the costs. My suggestion is to have a budget of say, $3k to $5k per toilet. End day you decide how extensive it's going to be. Hope this helps!
  3. We have one to let go at $300/- (self-collection). In very good condition cos no one has laid on it since we bought it. Please PM if keen.
  4. Just delivered but wrong size. It measures 1.2 x 0.7m laid on floor. Material color is lime green/dark blue combination. It's going for $125/- (paid $139/-). Self-collection. Please PM me with your mobile number if you would like a photo of it. Thank you
  5. We are keen to purchase a newly launched project but would like to understand more about seller stamp duty just in case we need to sell the property off earlier than expected. We understand that there is a 4% seller stamp duty to be paid for occupation of a minimum of 4 years. The percentage goes up if the occupation period is lesser. We would like to know when does the occupation period actually start -- is it when the option to purchase is exercised or when the keys to apartment are collected? I think it's the latter but I'm not sure. Appreciate if someone could enlighten.
  6. Damocles, First there are no rules that says pets are not allowed in condos. Please do yourself a favor by checking this out. I stay in a condo and I keep a pet dog. I don't think your statement equating pet owners as irresponsible residents is fair. I don't know which condo you live in but I certainly don't see my fellow residents allowing their pets to defaecate in the lifts. You should be notifying your Management Office if this happens. I would like to also point out that asthma is not only caused by our pets' shedding. So please get your facts right before you start blaming cats and dogs. Pollens, pollution, stress, tobacco smoke are some of the other causes of asthma.
  7. Any players at Bishan / TPY area? Very hard to find kakis..
  8. Assuming you have sufficient funds in CPF and also have cash, would it be wiser to pay off the outstanding housing loan or make use of the funds to purchase a 2nd property? Toying with getting a 2nd property to live in and renting out the other one. Of course got to bear in mind the taxes on property rented out, etc.. Anyone can give some sound advice? TIA
  9. Not sure which area you're living but you might want to check out "Petitudo" at Thomson Hills. I send my poodle there for daycare as well as boarding when I'm away. They are on FB also. Look for Sharon; my poodle's "nanny"
  10. Thanks for the replies. Propertysoul, wonder if you have any reliable contractor to recommend? If this does not work, any other solutions like lodging a formal complaint with the relevant authority? I understand that there's some laws on such dispute.
  11. Need some good advice... The ceiling at my service balcony is leaking for at least half a year. We tried contacting the owner of the above unit to resolve the matter several times but they just ignored us. We even offered to share the costs for the repairs. Meanwhile, the leakage is causing us much inconvenience as we need to dry out clothes. There's a pipe partially concealed by the false ceiling. Can some kind soul please tell me what can I do about this? I read that there are some BCA rules that state the unit above is liable for repairs unless they can show proof that the problem does not lie with them. We hope to resolve the problem amicably but my neighbour don't seem to care Appreciate if someone could provide me with a contact for the repairs too cos I don't think a regular plumber could do the job. Thank you
  12. Residing in Bishan. Able to host; smoke-free environment. Able to play on weekends only. Stake and rules as posted by Phantom:- House Rules Minimum (番)Fan - 1 Maximum (番)Fan - 5 自摸 - Nothing Extra Animal 咬 - Nothing Extra 門清 - Nothing Extra 獨聽 - Nothing Extra 搶槓(明槓) - 加 1 (番)Fan (Note : 暗槓 can 搶 for 十三么) 花上自摸 - 加 1 (番)Fan 槓上自摸 - 加 1 (番)Fan 天胡 - MAX (番)Fan (Note : 雞胡 ji hu also can 胡) 地胡 - MAX (番)Fan (Note : 雞胡 ji hu also can 胡) 字一色 - MAX (番)Fan 平胡 - 4 (番)Fan 清一色 - 4 (番)Fan 混一色 - 2 (番)Fan 對對胡 - 2 (番)Fan * 小三元 / 大三元 / 小四喜 / 大四喜 : 要吃出 ** 七对子 is not a legal play. Rates 1 (番)Fan $1 / $2 2 (番)Fan $2 / $4 3 (番)Fan $4 / $8 4 (番)Fan $8 / $16 5 (番)Fan $16 / $32
  13. Starting this thread to share info about good food, outings, gatherings or anything else that's happening in Bishan neighbourhood.
  14. mahjong game... anyone else?