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  1. what should i do if my renovation contractor never do what he said before!! what should i do if he played rough?? my renovation contractor never wants to listen to me, always want to go his own way!! everytime said to me, : "no choice no choice, things happened liao what can i do!! i cannot 24hrs look at your house!!!" all this happened when i paid him 50% of renovation money!! i don't know how to carry on with this contractor!! i am now in delimma cause he is holding my money now..........., really need some suggestions and help from here, thanks first............
  2. my contractor always said that he came across alot of problems like my kind. And always tell i don't know how the market goes. How can a renovation contractor talk such things to me, how can i accept such reasons. He said to me : "don't worry on your floor lah, what if i really put cardboards, if after putting cardboards then got damages or scratches i also need to do for you, so what's the difference between lay and don't lay"! How will you feel when you heard this kind of conversation by him. That contractor looks decent when first approached, after received the money all sorts of things just push to me instead, like i am an idiot don't know anything. Some chinese called "JIA WA SA TU COW". somesort like "EAT YOU ALL THE WAY SO WHAT, YOU ALSO CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO ME"! isn't possible go to CASE and HDB to lodge a complaint?? thanks for the advice........
  3. Hi, this is my first time posting, forgive me for my poor english. Recently my house is under renovation by one of the renovation contractor which is recommended by friend. Before the renovation starts, everything was fine and we talked in good manners and everything were went smoothly. But when started the renovation, my contractor said he was sick and hopitalised for two weeks, so my renovation was hold up till he discharged from hospital. when he started the renovation works, i found out that they didn't lay any cardboards or anything to cover my floor. I told the renovation contractor to put so as to prevent scratches or damages to the floor and he said ok they will do it. Second times when i went again, the cardboard was there but didn't lay and my floor looked like a mess and my barqet got dented marks and scretches. I called my renovation contractor and he said: "why you worried so much, nothing series, my men didn't lay the cardboards i also no choice, you think i can 24hrs to look at your house meh.......! Dont worry lah we will do everything for you until you satisfied lah can or not"! The worst things was that my HOOK and BURNER were stolen after my renovation contractor brought those aircon men to see my house. I asked renovation contractor why my things lost and he told me was my fault shouldn't put valuable things inside my house, he also said: "this in-house stolen cases i met alot liao, everytime owners lost their things inside the house they are the one who being blame, i can confirm with you my men won't do such stupid things, somehow the lock i provided can be easily break through by others so what can i do, i experienced alot of these kind of situations"! I told the renovation contractor the HOOK and BURNER i bought is to convenient to you guys to take measurement and installation. After the conversation with that contractor, my wife was worried and scare like going to cry. I felt helpless and dont know what to do, although i had made police report on the stolen case. Actually i don't dare to offend him cause he knows where i stay and now renovating my house, i worried they will do something bad to us or my house. I really need some advices, hope all brothers and sisters here can guide me how to handle this kind of problems. thanks.