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  1. Sorry, long time never login, I went Carpenter 21 instead. Due to the lack of patience from others

  2. My Id do for the the points i want .... all inclusive. you may wish to neg with your existing contractor
  3. I got $1k, 2 type of paint included.
  4. The tech from Imperial said the condenser is ok in the previous check, but got a leak somewhere in the pipes. So it's not MHI machine issue, so i can only conclude it's a leak from the pipes then, as there's nothing else to check or blame on. To think of it, I actually upgraded my drainage and aircon pipes to better ones, paying imperial around $3000+ for 3 rooms with installation. They sent in many people, mostly youngsters on the installation day. I don't feel good then as the "master" is not the actual person who did the job for me. The cold air stopped and no one can tell me where's the leak now from Imperial, UNLESS I pay them maybe $500-$1000? for a expensive check. Previously The Tech suggested to top up my freon as it's cheaper than to do the expensive check. I did, and it lasted only 6 months. It's now not cold again. Not to mention freon leakage is harmful to health, expensive to wallet, hazard for ozone, damaging to my aircon and many more. So what to do? To check again, pay them again, maybe run the expensive test, then find nothing? I just need a better tech now, any recommendations for a skilled tech?
  5. Rent a flat or room ... New Year coming soon, you may want to source quickly. Or Chalets?
  6. if i never read wrongly,You just reno your place right? You can get your current contractor to do it. Talk to him, usually it's cheaper
  7. I think it's best to rent your rooms to same type of tenants who want aircon, so price can divide by 3 on bill. Maybe additional $100 for cleaning. You can state the number of hours they are eligible to use, and if exceed it will bring up the price means everyone pay more. Another way maybe install a electric meter per room. You can state your contract whatever way you wish, which they must agree
  8. Sighed... I am a new house owner in 2011 and I cannot decide on who and what aircon to buy, so I came to the forum for reference. As my old house aircon starts to drool after 4-5years, I really wanted a good aircon. However I got a very bad experience instead, even with good money spent. I am going to file up with CASE recently so just thought to share with you guys in case anyone is considering who and where to buy. I used Imperial Distributor who installed my Aircon on 23/04/2011. I upgraded my MIT Heavy industry aircon with larger G23 copper pipes with a 16mm drainage. I paid S$3,100 premium with GST for my Aircon for 3 rooms. The aircon was great for the first few months, then it got not so cold after that, which I thought maybe it was due to Hot weather so maybe not so cold. Then finally on July or August 2012, it's became warm instead, and I called up for service. The technician came down, checked and say no visible leaks but no more gas (leaked). Then he said it is too expensive to replace all the pipes or run some expensive tests, which he recommended topping up the gas instead. So I paid him $90 for service and check (he know it leaks, but don't know how to solve except by expensive replacement or tests), and $120 for replacing the cooling gas (Freon?). Also must add GST... After 6 months it's warm again..... so i paid the $224.70 previously for nothing. Problem not solved. I called again, got some crappy service by sales say tech will call me. Waited and waited, no one called. I call in, he say u go outside check also same price, keep telling me i need to wait for tech to call me. I told him I not ball, stop kicking me around. Then call ended after i told him i going CASE. I don't know what is wrong, but it's really hot and the aircon is down. They are the ones who installed all the pipes and connections, Not me. Freon supposed to last for 5-10years one, Mine 6 months finished liao! I am not getting what I paid for... I want to rate but no stars to give .... Beware
  9. Hi Funnysheep,

    I saw your message on regarding asking for a contractor from isiah in Renotalk.

    I won't sure if you have contacted the contractor. If so, how is the quality and worksmanship? Also can you send me the contact for your contractor?

    Thanks and regards


  10. Some paid $1k-$3k for their curtains in the curtains forum. Maybe so many people buy blindly, so those evil merchants feel they can mark up 400%. esp for young couples. If you pile it into material, It's like 8 pieces of polyester and 4 pieces of metal or wooden rods. Maybe some plastic wheeling, if you fancy those tracks on aluminium. Put them in volume and dimension, i think it's even more expensive than steel. For me, I think i will scope around arab street and china town for some good and thick textile. Buy a few metal or wooden poles from Ikea and just fix them up. Est cost should be around $300-$400 for a 4 room flat. SS pole should be $30 per meter x 4 = $120 (cheaper if alumiunium) $180 for cloth should be sufficient. Maybe $30-$50 for sewing if done outside IKEA?
  11. I think the curtains market is really over priced. Thousands of dollars for a few pieces of polyester and cotton. With a few wooden or aluminium rods. I went down to a store, and they quoted me $800 for curtain cloth only. Polyester.... what do they think it is? Silk thread or gold plated? It's only 2 piece of cloth hanging on the wall lor. And the material price is dirt cheap lor. Cost price should not be more than $30 per set.... I rather go buy a roll of cloth, bind the ends in a loop and pass through a 1-2m stainless steel pole. Dun think it will cost more than $300 for 4 rooms. I will not be one of the carrots to pay more than $450.
  12. Just signed a contract with Ban Yew today. Will post comments and photos after 3 to 4 weeks bah. Then you guys judge for yourself if it's ok bah. Anyway my project is less than 15k, for a new 4 room flat For wardrobes x 3 rooms, painting, kitchen Wish me luck.
  13. Hi Happy owners, My one is a new 4 room flat Hi Blue fly, Damage should comes from the solid wooden doors of the cabinets. err... it's Solid wood not solid plywood... so kinda ex But I think I will change back to solid plywood instead le... abit out of budget... haha...so aiming to knock down their price abit Anyway i don't like solid nyatoh doors as it's still NOT a ONE PIECE wood that i am looking for. Today i went down to Ban Yew to look at their show room and carpentry workshop below, it's pretty nice. They actually have a place to cut the wood and join them together below, and there's a air con show room on top. I will give a 8/10 preliminary carpentry wood skill from look of eye and feel of hand for first impression Will review this mark with actual work if i engage them next month. haha.. about 95% will engage them bah, coz quite sincere. He actually apologized for the brief quote and amended it till pretty detailed and resent me 3 times till i am satisfied. So he only own me the final revised quote after today's discussion and 3D drawings. (hope he don't ruin it) Next week i will meet him to discuss the whole process and tie the contract if possible, as i m collecting my keys muahahahaha. Will post pics after job done.
  14. Revised quote service 3/10 Sad to say i waited 4 days and the revised quote that comes back to me is Crap Not sufficient details, and cannot give me what i want. Only major diff is 5k of cost diff The first impression is really good, while the 2nd is dropping like bear market They are the only contractor / id i contact with till now and i am really keen to finish up the deal. But they give you crappy homework (quotations), that makes you fumes. I know they are really busy, but i waited 4 days... it's really frustrating at this level May switch to others if after next discussion still w/o give good standard service Master Room Design and fabricate 8ft full height wardrobe with aluminium glass sliding door $ 2,080.00 with laminate finish to full ceiling height Bedroom 2 Design and fabricate 6ft full height wardrobe with aluminium glass sliding door $ 1,560.00 with laminate finish to full ceiling height Bedroom 3 Design and fabricate 6ft full height wardrobe with aluminium glass sliding door $ 1,560.00 with laminate finish to full ceiling height Kitchen Design and fabricate 11ft top and bottom cabinet with 4 aluminium glass doors $ 3,750.00 1 single full height tower 4 aluminium glass doors solid nyatoh doors stainless steel dish rack Supply and install 8ft stainless steel kitchen top $ 960.00 Design and fabricate stainless steel kitchen sink $ 450.00 Design and fabricate 8ft top and bottom cabinet with solid nyatoh doors $ 2,400.00 Supply and install 8ft stainless steel kitchen top $ 960.00 General Painting works for whole unit, ICI/Nippon $ 1,000.00 Up to 4 colours, white ceiling TOTAL $ 14,720.00