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  1. Thank for all your valuable feedback. We were quoted a much higher quote by a highly recommended family-friend curtain maker so decided to try out luck to ask Mr Chew for a quote. We called him and made appt the following week early afternoon (try to avoid peak afterwork timing). To ensure he did turn up, I texted him in Mandarin and called 2 days before to confirm. Pleasantly surprised, he was early and brought A huge trolley of samples for selection. Choosing materials was easy though, as we alr know what I needed, so I ask him to recommend the type of fabric to use. Everything else was a breeze. He did measurement in great detail. And to our delight, quoted us 25% cheaper than my previous quote by a recommended curtain maker. Of cos we confirmed straight away. He needed 10days to a week. Same as previous curtain maker. Days before our installation day, I texted him (in mandarin) to confirm date n time. But a day before installation day, he called to ask if he cld come in afternn instead of morning as he has another house to go. We had shifting house in afternn so were not free and we asked if he wld like to come the following day. Mr Chew said he wld change the other house's apptmt instead as its better to install curtains before we moved the things in. Ya....everything is history. He came punctually, installed our blinds n curtains n did a great job cleaning up. There was great partnership btw mr chew n his wife and the pair moved swiftly and efficiently. He did not ans any call when he was doing work, and only returned the calls after work is done, and he is wrapping things up n chatting with us. Should I be upset that he tried to change timing even though we had agreed 2 weeks bef? I certainly could, but come to think abt it, better he called to change appt than make us wait headlessly, only to be told excuses or that he was held up somewhere else. On a whole, I was cautious n afraid that Mr Chew didn't turn up but ended up very relieved and satisfied with Mr Chew. He also made us 2 cushions using the left over cloth from the curtains. We are thankful indeed.
  2. I got the key holder at ebay

  3. Hi Jaskel

    May I know where u got the key hanger from? They are simply gorgeous and perfect! I need a few of them. Many thanks!

  4. Hi could u pass me Mr Chew's contacts please? Does he just do roller blinds? How abt curtains? Thanks !

  5. Hi Bro I'm looking for the white Haiku (low profile) ceiling fan for hdb. Do u have stock? Pls quote me a price. Thanks!
  6. Thumbs up indeed. The move was over much faster than I thought. About 7-8 tough guys were moving, 1 so-called overall ic wld come to the hse to label the items first (cos we moved the things to 2 locations) and then b4 we kne it, the bulky items were wrapped and wheeled away. There were 2 gigantic trucks and one smaller van awaiting at the ground level so confirm have enough transport. Paid $280 + $30 (for additional location along the way).
  7. We bought a set of sofa + ottoman from Castilla. I remembered being very worried about getting a defective sofa upon delivery, with all the scary reviews from so many other furniture shops. 6 years on, the sofa is seasoned, strong and fine. This is with 2 growing children jumping and playing on it, a husband who naps on it devotedly and none maintaneous (Except for the first 2 years of cleaning with leather cleaner.) The sofa is made with calf skin and indeed, we do not feel warm even when we sit on it for long hours. I'll just say that Castilla is definitely one of the first few furniture shop I'm checking out when I buy my next piece of furniture very soon.
  8. Hi will your price include Waranty, GST and delivery? Could you quote me price for a Rinnai Chimney Hood (about suction power of 1000/m3) and RB-29FVSV(B)? Thank you.
  9. I installed the retractable laundry system from Tame 5 years ago and it worked very well for me. Will be gettig them again for my next flat. Good that each pole can be lowered individually up to which ever height I want. Cost $250 for 5 poles back then, including installation. Now dunno how much.
  10. Hi rudra Thanks for the insightful sharing! Sound abit cheem though... Can u share the pic n size n price of the LED downlight u r ordering? I would like to get them too... Thanks
  11. We just bought a 15 year old resale flat and intend to box up most of the ugly pipes. Just worried that moisture would get trapped in the box, will it?
  12. Hi Aron, is the aircon promotion still on-going? If so, I would like a quote for Mitsubishi Inverter system 4 (new model, 18kbtu + 9kbtu X 3). I need 1 aircon in each of the bedrooms + 2 for living room (L-shaped living room). Thanks.

  13. New abode at Bt Batok :)