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  1. Hi i need service from an electrician to do this for my industrial style flat. Not much luck in finding one who can do the metal piping for wires.pls see attached pic for what i am looking for. http://imageshack.com/a/img197/876/79e9.jpg Those who did industrial style for their homes pls recommend or electricians who can do this job pls contact me directly at 83221762. Tks
  2. Hi i am looking for an electrician who can do those metal type industrial style wiring for my whole house.pls see attached pic for what i am looking for. http://imageshack.com/a/img197/876/79e9.jpg So far not many electrician who does this. Those who did their house in industrial design pls recommend. Electricians who can do this may also contact me directly. My contact is 83221762.not too ex pls. Tks.
  3. Hi all, I have just done up my kitchen cabinet. And the outlook of the laminates i have chosen did not turn out ideal. Because its a brand new cabinet i just need to relaminate a top cabinet about 5ft plus a few doors to white.any ideas or lobang for this? Another problem is, if i change all my cabinets to white, i wish to change my solid top too. Its also brand new, the thin 12mm type. I am looking for a solid wood solid top and i found it at ikea. But my challenge now is: 1)my contractor has installed the cabinetry but not the solid top and fittings yet. But i cant cancel it already so i still have to take it.if i installed it now and just use first, can i remove it in say a few mths later without damaging the cabinet? 2) ikea solid top needs fabrication and installation. Are there any one or carpenter who can help me relaminate someparts of the cabinet, and remove my solid top and fabricate and install the ikea wooden solid top for me over 16ft of bottom cabinets. Any help,suggestions, contacts or direct carpenters are welcomed. I am open for items to be done seperately or better still altogether. Josh
  4. hi xtr, nice place you have. can i find out from you what type of concrete that you used for your flooring? because apparently many are confused over what to use to get the look and feel of the concrete floor. is it the traditional cement + sand + water mix or all in one or self levelling? please share your info if any. tks
  5. thanks for the advice. will try that as well to add to my options.
  6. Hi, I am going to do a renovation for my existing home as many things are worn out and it looks dated. so i want to revamp it. Thus i require the following services. I am ok to do ala carte as i do have other contacts as well. I am looking at around mid sept to start and to end in end sept or early oct. These are the services I require: 1) flooring - plain concrete flooring (light concrete colour) for industrial look. for dining, kitchen, 2 toilets and maybe living room as well. toilets to do skirting as well. 2) wall feature - brick walls design for one to 2 walls (may be white or brownish colour) pictures will be provided. may also do concrete wall feature for 2 to 3 walls. 3) false ceiling or concealment for toilets for the big fugly pipes 4) kitchen cabinet about 10 ft bottom only with open concept shelves for top + small dry kitchen island/pantry cum breakfast table about 3-4 ft wide. I am looking at matt white carpentry with wooden top. (not sure any wood top that is durable) .can discuss. 5) electrical wiring - for lighting points and electricity points. Need to change the wire tube covers as well. I will buy the lights. 6) plumbing - need to pipings and plumbing works as all are old or may want to conceal. Notes - for flooring, I just need this person to do the flooring service for me and just tell me what you need. I can then get the raw materials and haulage services myself as I know where to get cheap. I am doing it this way as I almost got ripped off by a contractor who wanted to charge me $1200 for these 2 items. I got them ala carte for $480 only ($80 for materials and $400 for haulage) and it was no trouble. - and please ensure you are really good in what u claim. no need tip top but ensure you are worth your asking quote. I have paid a floor tiler once to do tiles and was he bragging to the sky about his workmanship. End up my homo tiles gap were some big some small and some tiles high some low. My wife was pissed off with me for many days as I was the one who engaged him. He was very lucky I did not post his name here. So see it as an advice or warning. If your works suck, prepare to see your name posted here. but if you deliver what you promise, I ensure that I will do a good write up for you. so please pm me and we can keep in touch so we may work out a quotation. tks!
  7. Hi,just saw your post. All gone to karanguni?

    Interested in the magazine rack and zen lamp?

  8. II bought a new mini fridge from Courts and wanted to put in the master bedroom however decided not to do so anymore due to space constraint. Packaging unopened. Willing to let go cheaper than first bought. Retail: $198.00 Selling $170.00 Aprx 30% cheaper Ps google for pictures Model: TFR61 Brand: Techno Cash and carry at Queenstown area. Interested please SMS 96850075
  9. hi all, those doing flooring, i would like to share some learning which I myself have gotten from my whole flooring saga. as I am, like maybe many of you, hoping to tighten our renovation expenditure due to budget. So I hope what I have learnt, some of you may find it useful. generally renovation contractors or tilers do a complete package, meaning, get tiles for you, materials and then labour. Tiles - needless to say is mostly from those big players like LSH, SBH, harafi etc. Please take note, that usually, when contractors get from them, they will offer a slight discount. sometimes when you try to haggle with them, they may or might not give you the same discount, so this is an area you cant save alot. Initially my tiles was $2.90 psf including GST. after haggling, we got it at $2.70. based on our floor area, we only saved $60. Materials - when tilers or contractors getting for you, I dont know if they will "eat" a chunk. but all i can say is I went to buy my own materials and I tell you its super cheap. for a floor area of 300sqft, i only paid $260 for my materials. so if a contractor or tiler charge you for $400 - $500 for 300sqf then you know they eat you how much already. Labour - standard in the market so far I ask around is $2.20 (lower end) to $2.50 (upper end). at this range you can get good workmanship already. so those above $2.50, you are just paying extra for no reason. then skirtings labour is separate and standard charge is about $1.50 per foot run. anything higher, then you better hold his head to ensure the workmanship is top notch. Haulage - this comes in if you planning to do all ala carte. hdb used to charge around $200+ region which I am not sure of the exact amount. this service must be engage if your contractor or tiler does not carry up and down your materials. so take note. my case: my contractor provides tiling service but he does not do haulage, so he got a 3rd party haulage and materials supplier to quote me, $1200 for haulage and materials! somemore the haulage person can say to my contractor, if want to find $900 service slowly wait.. because he said that, I was more determined to find my own. In the end, I went to buy my own materials and engaged my own haulage person (take note that at $400, my haulage guy already earns a decent margin), so can you imagine the haulage guy my contractor recommended was planning to earn from me $1200 - $266 materials = $934 for haulage? i also suspect that my contractor is in cahoots with him. and my contractor has abandoned his agreed flooring work for my house when he knew I have my materials and did not use his 3rd party. He has not called me since. so in the end: if I went with my contractor and his 3rd party rip off haulage bugger: tiles - $940 materials + haulage = $1200 labour - $780 = $2920 I did it all ala carte: tiles - $940 materials + haulage = $260 + $400 = $660 (vs $1200!!?) labour - $780 = $2380 so you can see, its more than $500 saving and its from haulage and materials, lucky I did not use that bugger who quoted me $1200, I should have thanked him for being so greedy and charge me so high which made me wake up. and if you are like me whom already have tiles and materials, no wonder no tiler want to do my floor for me cos they are missing the chance to rip me off. so when they want to buy for you tiles, materials or provide haulage, don't think they are doing you a favour, because that's when they will insert some "extra" charges to your bill. Some will chop abit some will chop a **** lot of bits. Dont be taken in by the "my materials are good quality etc" . FYI the materials I bought myself I asked for all the best and its only $260. so remember and beware. Anyway I have already found some one whom can do just flooring for me. so all in all I saved about 20% from my flooring works. Whoever interested to know where and how I got my stuff i got my materials from kai lim and my tiles from SBH. haulage person contact i got from one of the kai lim staff, so if you need it just pm me. now just pending the tiler i got see whether he is good. so far all my own contact, their service was excellent. all these tilers here giving so called low rates and "good" service are too busy to serve you anyway, so don't waste your time and money unneccesarily already. you will end up paying more and get sh*t service from those whom advertise here. I kena until I sian liao. all business very good until they dont even bother to reply you nor give a **** attitude. generally i know all busineses need to earn, but dont get so greedy and over chop carrot la or ya ya papaya la k. cheers
  10. Hi can share contact? if its not too much trouble, will you be able to share one or two of your cabinet pics to see? My email is zzx_23@hotmail.com tks!
  11. Nowadays, flooring contractors all hang up and sell already, ask me send floorplan then no reply and waste my time sending the email. all choosing business and all claiming very busy no time to do. these are the ones always posting their flooring services in this forum. postings got many, but service and attitude cannot make it. to identify these contractors, just search under "tiler" and these will come up.
  12. Hi, im looking for a floor tiler urgently! My contractor supposed to do it for me but he last minute got issues then keep delaying. Im fed up oredi, im switching out. My contractor has quoted me $2.20psf for floor + $1.50pfr for skirting. So im looking for the same quote. Materials are all ready. So just need the contractor to provide his labour. Anyone who has interest to do or any lobang for tiling service please contact me! Need to start asap! my contact is 83221762
  13. we were looking for a laminate that is chocolate in colour and looks similiar to timber colour, like what we see in most Condo and DBSS showflats. We searched high and low but cant find any colour we liked. Either that or we found the colour but the price was way off. We wanted that colour type, european made and price range from $3 - $4. many said it was not possible. then by chance I managed to find a flooring specialist dealing with wood flooring. I went down to take a look and told them I wanted a flooring like in most showflats and DBSS. The Boss and staff were very friendly and very humble and they heard my needs and they said they have the exact laminate for a DBSS as they supply them with the laminate! and its made in belgium.. so we managed to get it at our target price, euro made and with original thick underlay. as they said they usually do projects, but since i went to them direct they gave me at contractor price. this is the laminate that we selected: i will only be able to install it after my tiling work in the living/dining area
  14. I also dont know why they use this colour. At least Ghim Moh Valley is all white which is much better. and the thought of us needing to spend more $$$ to overlay the tiles really quite sian la.. dont know if there is a better way to recolour the tiles without overlay. some update on the screeding done by HDB (FOC). I did a standard 40mm as I am planning to do laminate flooring for my bedrooms only. MBR Guest room Study Room
  15. cont... MBR (view from room entrance) MBR (View towards room entrance) MBR Toilet Its the orange tiles again. I think hating it is an understatement. Seriously, I dont know why they selected this colour for our estate And like some forumers face, our doors are very wide and it nearly hits the sink. All I can say is that its the worse design feature of all. Common Toilet I will provide updated pictures of the ceiling works in my next post