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  1. Hi all, After searching through a few reno firms and comparing the various quotes, both my wife and I have just signed up with Ronald (“Tiler Seng”) in the early part of this week. We thought it will be nice to share why we have decided to proceed with Ronald based on our experiences. During last weekend, everything was done in a hassle less way with the tile design selections completed (with the aids of Ronald by the side) and measurements taken last weekend. What convinced us to sign up with Ronald though there are many renovating firms out there (with one being a very good friend of my wife) are, 1) When we first PM him over the forum, his response back is quick and responsive as compared to some of the firms which took a couple of days to revert. 2) Ronald is the only person who don’t chase us for an answer after sending the full quotation as compared to the other firms. We like this confident attitude and went to him instead. 3) His quote breakdowns are very detailed and transparent. Almost everything is detailed down based on the measurements (Example, 100sqf x $2= $200). This gave us a clear understanding of what we are paying for unlike some which have quoted an one lump sum. 4) After explaining our tight budget, he recommends only genuine items which are necessary. (We are even put down by him, is this necessary? This will only add up the costs). We are very appreciative on this as it’s easy to go “out of control” renovating our new house 😊 5) Due to some special requirements of our family members, he’s very understanding and accommodating by putting by suggestions accordingly. With the above, we are glad that we have decided to sign up with him and the start-up experience has been very pleasant so far and hope that the reno works will go on smoothly as well.