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  1. Hope everything goes well to you and your hubby.
  2. Hi there, Welcome to T-blog! Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  3. Hmmm....Andy while still in Grupp Marketing Pte Ltd, I have no problem with him doing some of my house owners QuickStep laminate flooring. But I started to worry when he used another company to deal with me when I ordered Quickstep laminate flooring with him again this year April. I sensed that he always in need of money and wanted cash payment instead of cheque so dealing with him is I pay 50% when I see the goods deliver and 50% upon completion and rectification if any. As of now, think best is not to get his service anymore even tot QuickStep laminate is still a good quality laminate flooring, Im sure is better to approach someone that are more trustworthy in real doing an honest business or services.
  4. Hi there! Welcome to T-blog~ Have a a smooth sailing Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  5. Hello~ Welcome to T-blog! Nice 3room you've found~ Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  6. Hi there, Welcome to T-blog~ Happy renovation~ Cheers , Jaskel
  7. Hi there, Welcome to T-blog~ Happy Renovation! , Jaskel
  8. Hi Sunsetsky, Welcome to T-blog, Happy Renovation~ Cheers , Jaskel
  9. I think the ID they engaged might be ard 60 or 70 yrs old
  10. When watertown had completed, think the value of the flat will increase too. near to punggol plaza, Mac, NTUC, wet market, mins to KPE,TPE, etc..lol, I talked like a property agents
  11. I got the key holder at ebay

  12. Craftstone, Craftbrick, Florastone, etc.. are just products of a company which other company cannot named their product as such due to trademark, etc... There are of course other companies who also sell this type of products too is just that craftstone is more widely know or used by most. HDB rule is u can't use the whole real brick to construct a wall due to weight limitation specs (that's why hollow block is usually used for construct a wall in HDB unit due to its light weight). But u can use craftstone alike material to create a feature wall as they had cut it into 1/5 or even 1/10 of the thickness of the actual stuff (like pasting tiles on the wall ). Hope this info do benefit to the new reno readers Anyway forum is a way of sharing experience be it good or bad experience so some can learn, understand and avoid it if it bad. Words something used may be misinterpreted by others so tried to be more considerate especially when we comment in other ppl blogs. Lastly, wish ipineapple have a smooth renovation and do post more pics and share your experience
  13. When the last time the house rewiring is done more than 15yrs, I feel rewiring is necessary. U can check to see any powerpoints in the house the surround have any burn marks or smell etc, these are just small sign of worn out electrical wiring. Of course there are devices in the market can check on the condition of the wiring too. DB box changes(now more safety function), so is the colour code of electrical wires. Moreover now most no more using the white connector rather than using a 'male' and 'female' connector for lighting point(which new HDB flats u will see those hanging around connected with the new light point)
  14. Nice reno u got and well done for Newynew Send my regards to her too
  15. Hi chew, Welcome to T-blog~ Your images aren't showing tho. Happy Renovation~ cheers , Jaskel
  16. Hello cookiez, Welcome to T-blog! Happy Renovation! cheers , Jaskel
  17. Hi beetle! Welcome to Reno T-blog! Have a smooth sailing Renovation~ Cheers , Jaskel
  18. Hi Weizhong, Welcome to RenoTalk T-blog! Get your keys soon! And have a smooth sailing renovation. Any queries juz ask. Cheers , Jaskel
  19. Hi there, Welcome to Renotalk T-blog! Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  20. Hi there, Welcome to Renotalk T-blog! Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  21. Hi there! Welcome to Renotalk T-blog! Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  22. Hello orangecrab! Welcome to T-blog! Happy Renovation! Cheers , Jaskel
  23. Hi Happybaby, Welcome to T-blog! Have a smooth sailing renovation~ Cheers , Jaskel