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  1. Hi! I checked on fanco website and they had an LED light kit. Can I check, for the model FFM3000 48″ light kit, do you have a picture of it with the simpler LED light kit already installed? I don't like the rounded half dome one but I don't know how the flatter one looks like.

  2. Hi Pipsqueak, Found your nice blog when I was googling on reviews for the vento fino fan. Any feedback on the speed of the fan? Is it strong enough to cool down an entire room? Also, just curious... can you share how and where you placed the fan in your master bedroom?
  3. Have already paid for an extra mattress but do not need it. Single size Anti-mite, anti fungal 10 yr warranty BRAND NEW and have not been delivered yet. Original Price $599, willing to sell at $450.
  4. Hi, what brand and model is this? Pls let me know the price for 48". Is the light bright enough for a bedroom?
  5. Hi How much did you pay for ur full height mirror? I am planning a feature mirrorbwall too but was advised to frame it up... Btw, I love subway tiles too!
  6. oh dear... i'm so sorry to read all of this... you must be awfully stressed. would it help if u went thru ur MIL to get to them so they will get off their butts? Also, about your furniture, if the stores can't hold anymore, what if they just deliver to ur home with the furnitures all wrapped up? I'm not sure if it's a gd or bad idea... but considering that carpentry shouldn't be too messy cos everything is pre-fabricated, maybe it's ok? Otherwise, can rent a personal storage, and ask the carpenter to bear the charges. hope things will pick up and end soon, nicely. hang in there. *hugs
  7. Haha I love turquoise too... Tiffany blue! Did u compare hong liang's price to K's? N haha ur husband is funny! Yeah lah a tad cheesy, but it's sweet of him, isn't it? Hurhur. I'm planning to mix diff sized frames behind my couch but not sure if it's a gd idea cos that's where my brick wall will be. The thought of drilling holes in it makes me nervous heh
  8. orangecrab

    Nice dining table n fridge! what model is the fridge? Thx in advance!
  9. Ack I havent planned my lighting... *stressed... Hehehe hmm let's just say I hope to confirm soon by then I will update who my contractor is
  10. I love grey! Good choice for the mbr. I don't think it's dark at all. Perfect! Thx for sharing ur aircon trunking pics. I've been wondering how mine shld be since I'm hacking that mbr wall too. Who did u engage for ur aircon n hw much did u spend? I have not done my research on aircon yet...
  11. Hi Paloma... really love ur home! you made me reconsider my white brick wall wishlist Any feedback on the relite fan? I saw it online before, I prefer the design to KDK's cos it's more retro looking but how's the speed like? Quite concerned cos my new hse can be pretty hot with the sun's rays shining in... Also, hehe I'm going around asking for advice on Lbox... Since your living room size is similar to mine... want to check, are you using cove lights at all? How is your layout for your Lbox? I am hesitant on cove light but wondering if just LED lights are enough...
  12. Ok, we always know we wanted an eclectic living area... but for our mbr, I was tossing between romantic shabby chic or magical Moroccan... with my rustic Laura Ashley laminate flooring... Why Moroccan? We visited Morroco and Andalucia, Spain for our honeymoon and we loved the beauty and serenity of the places. We especially loved Tangier (northern Morocco where we stayed in a Riad) and Granada in Andalucia where we stayed on the hill of Al Hambra. Shabby chic is a theme I've always liked, not overly girly shabby chic, but simple shabby chic... but finding distressed wood furniture is a lot tougher than I thought, not to mention expensive! Hmmm... decisions decisions...