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  1. Hi Lil, Congrats on new flat and the location! And welcome to RT To quote from a news article: "Lemon laws refer to laws protecting consumers against defective goods that fail to conform to contract, or meet satisfactory quality or performance standards at the time of purchase, colloquially known as "lemons". The Lemon Law would thus require retailers to ensure that their goods match their description as marketed and promoted. Descriptions include information and details on the good that can be found on the label, packaging, posters or any other print material, or given verbally by the sales representatives. This means a refrigerator must be able to keep the items stored inside cool( and come with whatever fantastic features the advertisement/salesrep promised. Of course you will need to show the advert or prove that they said it, which might be more difficult)
  2. Hi Pinkpluck, Welcome to RT. Don't worry about salesreps comments. You are paying so you get to choose your favourite color/model etc. but for heavily used appliance(s),please consider functionality as well
  3. my bathtub is still eluding me too....sob
  4. Please ensure they "mend" back the "hole" coz it's in the common toilet, if not the plywood will be exposed to moisture and degrade even faster. (Although the back is also raw...)
  5. By the way, for those still renovating, please note that there is an old man loitering about and asking if you want to change your gates. This is probably similar to the punggol/sengkang estate where those who got new gates/even demonstrations were robbed later. So please be careful and warn the elder folks at home ,of such possible situations
  6. the contractor's assistant incharge of my flat ask me why i never tell him to change that window earlier I told him i did not know it's possible as the BSC pple said the frame is embedded and have to hack it out of the wall. anyway, thx for reply.
  7. 3M Prestige series film but it's not gonna be cheap.
  8. thanks for info. Guess have to pay the $80 for Singtel to relocate over.
  9. Hi neighbours?, Anyone receive any letter or info from OpenNet yet? I checked the opennet status website but dun really understand what they mean,except it's not ready yet. I checked with SingNet staff at their shop and was told i have to wait, until the block of flat is linked up with fibre, then i can apply for the fibre plan to run into the flat. So in the meantime, i have to pay $80 to relocate my telco+internet services to the new flat. Is this the situation throughout the Casa estate?
  10. Hi, you mean change the window, i can get the aircon out? pay who, please advise.....
  11. Curious to know about the "cavity" in the wall
  12. your place can go on magazine already
  13. love your place and of coz the lightings! What is the brand/model of oven you purchased? bosch? I think i got the same hood Fujioh mk something but the silly carpenters installed 750mm above the hob! I told them to bring it down 100mm even though the distance should be 500mm max.
  14. Actually got the granite saga, but I giving my "rave review" contractor and subcon face and chance, to rectify before i blog about it. Because I dun want to chip peoples' ricebowl, even though I am very & I also saw the company name of the current carpenter, but there are many teams of carpenters within that company ,so it's unfair to mention here because of one carpenter. My friend helping me to spot the "areas to touchup or rectify" happened to see one of the staff expression when they came back from lunch and saw the numerous stickers to indicate rectification required. Let's just say it's like this without the smile
  15. sigh, they put up the bookcase already. That's after telling three of them and hearing comments that to me sound like that i'm unreasonable to worry and want to change that "tree branch" piece.