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  1. I am using Dyson for over the last few months. so far so good. good suction, and they have various 'head' or 'attachments' for various surfaces. easy removal of the waste. supposedly also has ability to remove dust mites fm beddings. its pricer compared to a few other brands, but still much cheaper than Rainbow.
  2. Oh... okie.. thanks very much for the advice. =) have a nice day!
  3. thanks neubie! so if its suspected that its something wrong with the TV distribution point that caused the loss of signals, what can we do? call town council or who can we call to ask them to come and check?
  4. hi all, i was watching the living room TV yesterday evening. Was checking 4D results on teletext when suddenly the TV signal was cut off. All the TV channels were gone and i tried to manually/auto tuned the channels, but is not able to capture any channels. The TV is still working as i managed to watch DVD, but simply lost all the tv channel signals. Strangely, the TV in my Masterbed room is still working with all the channels available. Anyone can advise what happened and what i need to do next? I am not using miotv or SCV.. the TV is connected directly to the TV point.
  5. etoh77

    Cheap Carpet

    hi hi... did u get it from Ling Carpet? is the dimen 1.6 x 2.3 m? $298 is quite a good price!
  6. hi, anyone has purchased/using this Yamaha Soundbar YHT-S400? May i have your feedback? And which place is selling the best price for it? Am considering this soundbar for my new place, cos of lesser wirings compared to the usual home theatre system. Thanks!
  7. acid wash is purely a labour cost. my contractor charged me about 250 i think, for my 4rm hdb. $700 for semi hollow door seems ex... i paid about 320. usually is 280, but the door guy say cos we choose the more expensive key/lock set, had to pay more. indeed, carpentry work for wardrobe u need to compare with a few quotes. depending on size. i was quoted abt 220/ft.
  8. i sold some furniture via www.Gumtree.sg. take some pics and then post. response was good as the condition was good. lwas selling previously cos they were eft behind by the seller.
  9. just my 2 cents, i dun think its because they dun take the business/job seriously. Probably after they took your order, they try their luck to use their existing stocks (maybe showroom units or rejected or defective items) and then pretend to send wrongly. and hopefully it will pass it off or that the buyer will reluctantly accept. this will help them to get rid of these items which else will be stuck with them. integrity/credibility issue.
  10. Agree. there is no need for u to buy first if u still early in your reno. for TV, if u already decided on the size, u can get the dimensions and inform the contractor in case u need to drill the hole in the feature wall if u using the TV Bracket. the size of the bracket is quite standard, basically big or small.. depending on the size of the TV u will use. For me, I already had the TV i intend to use for the living room, so i went to buy the TV bracket and get the electrical guys to help me drill hole and put up the bracket/TV. As for where to buy, u can find out the models/prices fm HN, Best etc... and then call those HDB shops for a quote for the model u want, usually u can get better. for washer/dryer, the sizes are also very standard... so basically u just need to know where u intend to put in the kitchen, and ensure u have sufficient space n no fixtures obstructing it. similarly u can call and check for the best prices. cooker hood n hob... unable to advise as i used the existing one fm the seller. Fan, i think most reliable will still be KDK. will let other experts advise.
  11. i just bought a Karcher SC 1122 fm Home Fix 2 wks ago. had wanted to use it to remove some very stubborn stains on the toilet tiles which my contractor also unable to remove using acid. indeed, the steam cleaner CANNOT remove the stains. the tiles are dark grey type with rough surface. i shd have replaced the tiles when i did the reno.. but contractor say he will try to scrub with acid. but now too late. Anyway, back to the SC 1122. i think it is good for cleaning stuff like windows, mirrors and glass doors. the machine comes with the wiper thingie and u need to use it to remove the water condensation on the surface. Cos i had use the steam cleaner on the homogeneous tiles in the living room. the water condensation on the tile surface actually leaves behind water marks when it dries up. Not sure if i am using the machine correctly. still in the exploration stage.
  12. i've asked several air con contractors to come over to my place to take a look if able to add a system 1 outdoor compressor tp the existing system-3 compressor. the air con ledge is not big enuff for 2 outdoor compressors. basically the advice is that it is not legal to install a bracket over the ledge. some gung-ho contractors may install for u, but if anyone complained or 'lucky' to be spotted by HDB officer, they will order u to remove. imagine having to remove all the trunking done etc.... so in the end i decided not to take the risk, and to jus make do with the existing system-3 for the rooms, and install a ceiling fan for the living room. of course, there is another solution which is to replace with a System-4.
  13. i got the V56VK for $350 fm Parisilk, other place is selling 370-380. not sure if can get it cheaper elsewhere. u also need to go to hardware shop to buy the hook/bracket thingie to hold the fan which u need to drill up the ceiling to secure the fan.