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  1. ji2

    Hdb Permits

    dear all, is it a requirement to apply for permit thru hdb to hack part of a wall that was originally a doorway which is now covered up ?? is so , any cost involved ?
  2. if i do not wan to cover with concrete is ther any cheaper alternatives ?
  3. hmm ok thx ... lets say if i cover up door 2 with a partition hw much will that be instead ?
  4. Hi , please refer to the pic below for better understanding of what im gonna ask ... hehe... Just wanna know roughly how much does it cost to seal up DOOR 2 ( as shown in the pic ) & hack the wall to create a DOOR 3 ( its originally a door but sealed up by previous owner ) . DOOR 2 is actually hacked opened by previous owner but i juz wanna seal it up coz wan 2 seperate rooms . Thanks . Does it cost alot to also remove the built in shelves too ?