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  1. hmm alisan depends on when you gg lah lazy to up my blog liao lah though i can still see it hahaha i will be gg HK for a week lor but will be gg macau for a couple of days no leh no money to whole housewarming liao lah
  2. Yoz bro i gg HK on the 3rd next month For the minsu go this link and take a look, it contains most of the minsu in whole of taiwan http://www.minsu.com.tw/MinsuHome/Index.aspx anyway i find sun moon lake kinda boring but nice place to relax though been to basically the whole of taiwan but cant really remember some though haha
  3. okie okie i dun play with gay stuff so dun be like that else ppl might misunderstood. Anyway ya its true, din come in for **** long liao losing touch of this forum liao since most of the old birds are no longer ard
  4. Wah lau bro you and rondy very onz sia, you guys wanna be the elders in RT ah ? LOL
  5. Dun think so sure hope its a draw though i wish Korea will win LOL
  6. Nope not really its their coach stupidity to field El Nino so late and why set a formation with only 1 striker ???
  7. Dunno leh think they got 4 bah not sure though LOL
  8. R u referring to the other Jason ? eh no pic leh lazy to take LOL
  9. No lah i nvr gamble on soccer de. I watch for the love of the games moreover the returns not that impressive i rather buy 4D LOL
  10. Yes draw or jiak kiu will be a safer bet but I predict SA will win by a goal though since its the home team, sure got some form of kelong de LOL
  11. Ya i notice that sia so now RT become world cup forum -.-"
  12. Eh i lazy to take leh LOL moreover placed my order for my dining table le but have to wait 1 month aiya my house nothing fanciful le simple simple nia or should i say messy now LOL
  13. Yoz bro morning ya long time nvr come in liao. Busy since world cup and pc show now LOL
  14. Ya cos can watch TV at the same time mah LOL
  15. Anyway I never had my dinner on my dining table de, dining table in my house is to pai swee only LOL
  16. eh hvn got my dining table yet no time to go scout for it leh
  17. What pics you talking abt wor ?
  18. Oh no wonder then its better to have it check and re-varnish again
  19. Wah so jia lat, btw your flooring is by previous owner ? or you redo it yourself during the reno de ?
  20. thanks thanks Wah you now then notice ah ? and who is jason and hua hua ??
  21. Thanks thanks mine better than you, almost 95% unpack liao maybe cos I threw away alot of old stuff LOL Yoz sister how r u ? anyway why call me popeye ?? is it cos i bought popeye chicken to New ?? LOL Study is being used as a mahjong room at the moment so no pics yet cos its super messy now LOL
  22. Ya man unpacking is more tiring than working the climbing up and down the stairs is killing me sia
  23. LOL joking le i know u very nice de hehe anyway **** tired sia unpacking and stuff I see so many boxes till i blur