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  1. Dear all, I would like to do some basic or minor reno works for my parent flat which includes: Change of basin, set up hob n hood with top (solid top as they are still using the traditional stove) and some carpentry works (top cabinet to conceal piping) * for basin and hnd, we will purchase ourselves, we will need the workmanship. If you have lobang for these 2 items, do let us know! Please recommend any reliable contractor. Or PM with a quote if you are one. Thank you.
  2. There is a newly opened DOmino Pizza besides GeyLang football club.. taste better than pizza hut.. http://www.dominos.com.sg/frmStoreLocation.aspx
  3. Orange, Now you mention it, i also heard this sound so how can we clarify?
  4. Think big jam is coming! I tot openet installation stated on their website for LG is ard 2012-2013? we will receive letter ba.. can imagine the nice trunking in our nicely deco home.. lolz
  5. Finally after few years of waiting.. they release the news... GE coming so must announce now.. this is how they play the game.. clever sia..
  6. Just changed my shower head.. 2 coffee shops closed down.. i think the shopping center opening will be delayed.. haiz..
  7. There is a new bar - happy days above mac donald @ Princess to chill out and watch football.... Maybe we can jio and watch football there..
  8. Settled liao.. monitoring period.. hope nothing happen... hehe
  9. NO la.. EPL no star players liao.. lolz
  10. Even the supplier oso don noe.. need to dismantle to c.. f up!
  11. Going to change my toilet bowl again due to leakage.. 2nd time changing bowl, 3rd time changing tanks in 1.5yrs.. so sad..
  12. ANts attack again.. anyone gt this problem? seems like on and off..
  13. So far too mani kelong matches liao.. haha.. eat balls higher chances of winnings..
  14. Wa lau.. no cinema? KTV already gt liao loh.. hahah btw i think bedok will have a massive reno into hub? think only left few years on their 30 yrs lease contract? after that it will transform.. hope i m rite... hehe
  15. Bo leh.. go coffeshop watch.. lolz
  16. COngrats! herbman.. sure u will be a gd father.. BTW anyone wants to share $$ n watch world cup? haha.. since we are all in LG...
  17. Yes Sir.. IP Man 2 not bad.. great actions..
  18. Based on my reading on most of the posts here... So i guess ranting about neighbours smoking, throwing cigarette butts, hanging of clothes on the corridors, etc are more important and worthwhile? haha.. y so serious??? Btw IP man 2 is cool(he teaches ppl to respect each other, not to despise, lower counterpart just because their skills/'english' are inferior - so MUST WATCH) but not sure whether bedok point will have cinema ant in the future.. hopefully yes.. but i guess chances are slim...
  19. Apr 24, 2010 Goldsmith's shop robbed THREE armed robbers burst into a goldsmith's shop in New Upper Changi Road and made off with jewellery worth more than $500,000. The masked men, who were armed with knives, entered Yong Sheng Goldsmiths at Block 210 at 3.30pm yesterday, and shouted at the four employees present to move behind the counter and squat down. They then opened the shelves and emptied trays of jewellery into bags. No one was held hostage or injured during the attack. Police said that the three suspects were believed to have fled on two motorcycles towards New Upper Changi Road after the robbery. The owner of the shop, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, told The Straits Times yesterday that the robbers were wearing crash helmets and sunglasses. SOurce: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_518688.html
  20. Hi, don worry too much, renovating yr new home is fun! in a way.. There are many designs on the ID firm websites.. u can also consider consulting a few IDs, get their quotation and compare with contractor's quote not all contractors are cheaper.. or to draw a design for u.. of cos u can don have engage them.. oopps... bad customer or like wat DSA mentioned, u can make some friends... or ask friends that have just done up their flats recently... n it would be gd if u can spend some time in this forum doing research.. veri useful at least to me... Enjoy!
  21. Hi Toyshop. Will be nicer if u can extend the feature wall out(u will need to gauge urself) from the short wall for yr TV. y don u put it on the other wall?
  22. Thanks for yr concern.. he is working perfectly fine .. lolz.. If you don't change problem wont be solved. If you change, got 50-50 chances the problem can be solved. Opposite Linear Green.. think there is one within the 2 rows of shops... Alternatively, u can feedback to Bedok HDB Branch... HUat ah!
  23. Think they quite hardworking.. lolz wow.. DSA u oso into this ah.. lolz wat is FR n damage? lolz.. u try den let me noe? muhaha i onli suspect from their operating hours, parlour structure(conceal) and cheena ladies(no offence) inside.. i might be wrong.. think need one of us to volunteer.. muhhaha