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  1. Hi guys, I'm very worried about my home renovation and need some advice. Please help! My contractor just got the plumber to install my bathroom vanity basin. It is a wall-mount, rectangular flat-bottomed basin. Now, after a week, I noticed that the water in the basin does not drain properly. Water will collect in the front part of the basin instead of flowing into the drain hole. This is because the whole basin is sloping downwards at an angle from the wall!!! Will re-adjusting the basin level means the plumber has to hack away the concrete holding up the sink? Will it affect my wall tiles and the built-in cabinet under the basin? I am worried and sleepless becos of this and there will surely be a delay. If anyone knows, please give me some advice! Thank you!
  2. Hi Simon, I'm a newbie in this forum, and I'm desperately looking for good contractors. Your home looks good and the price is good too. Could you give me the contact of Henry please? Thank you in advance! Btw, congrats on your baby!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm going to renovate my new place soon, which is a resale apartment, and we'd have to pretty much tear the whole place down. We're not hiring an ID, so we're looking out for contractors who can do a lot of carpentry using full teak wood. If you know anyone who's experienced with building Manhattan-style carpentry (dark wood, floor to ceiling library shelves and wardrobes), please let me know! I'm a newbie, so not sure whether I can PM, so here's my email: grumpet@gmail.com Thank you very much!