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  1. Thanks for the info Merydith. Had enrolled my 3 kids in Clementi woods kindy last year and they had been studying there since beginning of this year. Cheers!
  2. How about Xenical? anyone tried it before? I agree a low calorie diet and exercise are the way to go if one wants to lose weight. For those with high BMI, ie 27.5 and above (BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in Kilograms by the square of your height in meters eg if height is 1.7m and weight is 60kg, then BMI is 60/1.7x1.7=20.8), you may want to try Xenical+diet+exercise. Xenical works by blocking 30% of fat in your dietary intake so less fat is absorb into your body. The main reason we put on weight is because calorie intake > calorie output. With Xenical, diet and excercise, you not only reduce calorie intake but also increase calroie expenditure and end result is weight lost. I personally used it before and it works. However, one has to get used to the effect of the drug which is oily stools. You will need to go toilet more often and there may be more flatulence (sometimes with oil). these effects is directly related to the fat contents in your diet and if you control your fat intake, such effects can be managed. You can ask your doctor about Xenical. It is also available at the pharmacy outlets (but not off-the-shelf, need to see the pharmacist to get it).
  3. Hi all. I went to the outlet at TradeHub 21 last night and was quite keen on the Calypso sofa as well. One concern though is how comfortable and practical is the sofa. I agree it has an ***** and is pleasing to the eyes but how practical is it? For those who have bought and had been using it for a while, can you share whether you find the sofa comfortable? Any difficulties for elderly folks? Is it 'back friendly' (ie does it cause any discomfort on the back). I tried it at the showroom. Due to its design, the 'sitting experience' is not like conventional sofas (if you know what i mean) so i would like to hear any feedback on the usage. Thanks in advance for all your comments.
  4. Thanks for all your reply and suggestions. After much deliberation, me and my wife had more or less decided on the following : 1. Put plants (either real or artificial ones) at the planter area 2. Install sliding gates at the entrance leading to balcony 3. To teach, educate and reinforce to our children on the dangers of climbing over the balcony wall For item 2, we are toying with the idea of installing half height sliding gates (abt 1-1.2m tall) instead of full height ones. Either the aluminum/wrought iron types or wooden gates. Not sure if anyone has done this for their homes. If so, would very much like to see some pics on it. Thanks!
  5. Hi, does anyone knows if we are allowed to drill holes in the bomb shelters of condominiums? Am thinking of installing some storage shelves in the bomb shelter. Was told by an ID that it cannot be done while others said it is not an issue. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. keemn2002

    Curtains Help

    Hi, just a question for those who had installed roller blinds : is it possible to wash them? any advise from the curtain installer on how to maintain and clean roller blinds?
  7. Hi Forumers, my family and i will be moving to West Coast area early next year and we are in the process of looking for kindergartens around the area. Would appreciate if anyone out there could comment on the following kindies. Your comments and feedback would go a long way in helping us to find the most suitable kindy for my 3 kids. 1) Calvary Pandan Kindergarten 2) Galilee Kindergarten 3) Clementi Woods Kindergarten 4) Pasir Panjang Hill Church Kindergarten Thanks in advance for all you feedback and comments. Cheers!
  8. Hi nimm12. Thanks for your input. You are absolutely right! I am for the idea and very much would like to install the grilles....the problem here is that the condo management does not allow us to do so. This is the common practice for a lot of private condos. that is why i am seeking advice on how else i can childproof the balcony area....
  9. Need some expert advice from forumers on childproofing balconies. I got 3 young toddlers and the condo that i will be staying in does not allow us to put up window grilles for the living room balcony. I have a planter area in the balcony. As far as i know, i currently have a few options to childproof the balcony area : 1. install sliding grilles at the entrance leading to the balcony (ie either directly infront or behind the balcony glass doors) 2. put plants at the planter area 3. use planter area for other purposes eg rearing fish (eg fish tanks) I will most likely go for the 1st option but feels that this precautionary measure may not be sufficient. We dun intend to put plants and rear fishes at the planter area (will most likely level up the area). Are there any other ways that i can childproof the balcony? All suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance for all the tips and ideas.