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  1. Hi, may I have a quote for KDK U48FP and U60FP, inclusive of standard installation in HDB apartment. I am looking to install at least two fans. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, I have not checked the forum lately so did not know you asked about the lights and "table". The Artichoke replica was bought from an online retailer based in China. I've not seen a good replica locally so sourced it from China. The Random replica (light at staircase) was bought from lightings.com.sg. They have many shops around Balestier area. The little table is actually a stepped stool. You should be able to find it at most HDB furniture shops.
  3. No prob. The "Mooi Random Light" in the stairwell is 80cm. :)

  4. Hi wheat, don't quite understand your question.

  5. Hello Yeocando, it is mounted below the cupboard. it uses normal fluorescent tubes. it is not waterproof. but we don't think we'll splash water so high up.
  6. Looking forward to your EM renovation...it's always interesting to know what other EM owners have in mind.
  7. Hello EMSOS (I see what you did there....) A good way to let other users share is to filter the extensive threads by using the search function and zooming into relevant ones. Good luck!
  8. Hmm...design and interior decorating can be very subjective. Our level two is also laminated flooring over old ceramic (possibly?) tiles. At the end of the renovation, we still have two rooms left completely undone less new aircon, new windows, laminated flooring and a new coat of paint. Very little carpentry. Will really have to break down the cost into line items and compare. We did have an ID (Steven from Ideal House) and he helped alot with space planning and execution of our ideas. Alot of discussion over what will work and what won't. As long as owners happy....I guess it's alright bah.
  9. hello spikedoll, thanks for the compliment. the price was valid for 2010 and in the two years since, I believe prices of labour, materials and many other stuff relating to renovation had escalated. about reasonable-ness, we pretty much went with the ID/contractor that understood us the most and we could afford the budget for. there was certainly quite a lot of hacking. besides the obvious: masterbed room wall becoming a glass wall which required certification by professional engineer, wall around the entrance to kitchen and stair rails, there was also the less obvious: the utility room is actually "bigger" because we moved the wall towards the kitchen, thereby shortening the kitchen which we thought was too big for us. our home, in it's pre-furnishing and pre-decorating state is pretty simple. it's quite really plain with while walls, wood veneers and cement screed. a bit of accents here and there. i guess it all boils down to picking furniture you really like that works for the design as well, accessorising with bits of art/decorative pieces you like, installing lights that don't become too obtrusive..... i think increasingly, home-owners are spending more and more on renovation cost. as long as they are spending within their means and happy with the results, that's good. and although it's counter-intuitive, it can actually cost alot to look "simple".
  10. Thanks Tigaroo! the repro arco lamp was from a warehouse in Eunos. I believe it is quite well-known but we wouldn't recommend the establishment because we found them lacking in integrity. sofa is from Lush. We got it in 2010 from their studio at Kim Keat. It's closed since. They operate out from their much bigger Upper Paya Lebar unit at Centro Bianco. cheers!
  11. Hello BoBochacha, Thank you for the compliments. We have been living in our home for the past two years and we still enjoy it very much. You should be able to get these frames from any framemaker with a wide selection of frames. You will have to tell them what you want exactly. When we approached Ittibaa near Boon Keng MRT, they were receptive to our requests. The frames are not matt white/black originally. We had to get the framemakers to customise. They have a website: http://www.framesandglass.com/ It's not special, just get them to do your bidding.