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  1. Rarely login anymore nowadays. Just to see if anyone comments haha. Been busy with the wedding, settling in the new place and now occupied with exams. How are you and family, bro?
  2. Asked Henry loh, bro. Hehe. But even when we've added up the cost of the wallpaper, shipping charges plus the installation fee, it's still just a third of what you would probably be paying locally.
  3. Hi marsh, the kitchen tiles we opted for are light beige coloured ceramic floor tiles 30 x 30. It kinda has a slightly rough surface area, but not bad enough to collect dust Got it from LSH.
  4. Hi patsy, my wife got it online at taobao from a seller in Shanghai. But we can't find the link anymore unfortunately. Cheers!
  5. Haha...been real busy with work and juggling flying back and forth for the past couple of months, bro! I guess we designed the house with practicality in mind. Simplicity and minimalistic. Thanks!
  6. Hey ernie, thanks for the compliments! Haha...I guess you pretty much must have had some sort of 心理准备 (try psycho yourself ) when you made the decision to have it 90% white, no? After moving in for more than two months now, I've come to accept the fact that maintenance is gonna and probably will always be your worst nightmare when it comes to keeping it immaculate and clean white Now it gets worse when you have lots of glossy surfaces be it glass, laminates, tiles etc like mine. ...nah I'm just pulling your leg dude. Honestly it is a bit hard to maintain. Can be tiring. An all-white house...not for the lazy hehehe... Total reno cost? The magic 3
  7. Haha...I guess we opted for such a position because it sort of gave a feeling of being enclosed within that room. Gives out the impression of privacy if I have to term it in another way.
  8. Hi valkimer, you mean how come? Haha...camera angle I guess. The HDMI and Ethernet cable for the Mio STB is definitely very visible if you're standing close to the TV console. As for the TV, I tied up the power and HDMI cable and hid them behind the TV stand in the middle. And yes, that's just the original wall with wallpaper on it Cheers!
  9. Hi pinkpetter! It's been awhile since we last talked. Thanks for all the compliments
  10. Hey froggy! Just about to log off...and you're my first victim!...errr I mean question. Thanks for the comment. As for the full-length mirror in the dining hall, I do have skirting done right at the bottom to prevent the chair legs from bumping into the glass. Cheers!